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Shakespeare's portrayal of love in Sonnets 18 and 116, and in Romeo and Juliet.

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Love has changes a lot since Shakespeare's time, these modern times love is a term used very loosely, Now everybody feels that they understand the meaning of love and all of the emotions that are involved init and even people of a young age such as 10 can say that they love a person off there own age. Where as in Shakespeare's time they linked love with things of great importance such as religion. Through out most of his poems and sonnets Shakespeare based most of his ideas on love which has carried through into modern days. Love was a very influential thing in his poets because it was not just love between a man and a women it was all sorts of different love such as a farther son bond which might have influenced him throughout the fair youth series. And love between a man and a woman was included which might have influenced him to write his dark lady series. ...read more.


The second one of the cycle is the dark lady, this is thought to be the lady that Shakespeare had loved but the love was unrequited meaning his love for her never blossomed. The final one was the rival poet; this was thought to be the part in the cycle where Shakespeare ridiculed other poets and calls himself the best poet of his time. Sonnet 18 is the sonnet that contains one of Shakespeare's most famous quote "shall I compare thee to a summers day" this quote was used right at the beginning as Shakespeare thought that a nice summers day is the most beautiful that he can think of. However on the very second line Shakespeare realises that a summer's day is not good enough by saying "thou art more lovely and more temperate." This indicates how highly he thinks of his muse because he is saying even summer cant compare to her beauty. Throughout the sonnet he goes on to tell the reader about the other imperfections that summer. ...read more.


it is just like a marriage in the respect that if two people are In love then they will love each other for better and for worse; in sickness and in health. This indicates that Shakespeare is trying to say if you claim that you are truly in love with a person then you should be able to get married to them. Also Shakespeare says "love is not love which alter when alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove" this means that Shakespeare feels that a person does not truly love another person if they stop loving a person when they find a change in circumstances, for example in modern days a person can say they have fallen in love with someone when the person is rich and as soon as the money goes they say that they no longer love a person. ?? ?? ?? ?? Candidate name: Dylan Gunda Candidate number: 1037 Centre Number: 20093 Explore how Shakespeare presents the idea of love through an extract of Romeo and Juliet an a selection of sonnets ...read more.

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