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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1

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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1 This was a GCSE speaking and listening coursework were I was asked to present act 3 scene 1 from Shakespeare's play of Romeo and Juliet and to provide my thoughts on the scene. My version of the play was a mix of past and present. I used the style of the seventies, the atmosphere and the dress sense to represent the Montagues; this is a very relaxed and easy representation that I would like to show through Romeo. The style of the mid nineties would be used to represent the Capulets to show the strict life in which they live. This will show that both families are very much alike however yet still very much different, however the scene will be set in early eighteenth century England. This is at the height of the British Empires rule and honour was of the utmost magnitude. This will show that both the Capulets or the Montagues nor The Prince will cow down to each other and that is why war must prevail rather than any sort of tranquillity. ...read more.


The colour green represents the free spirits of the young members of the Montague's. Pink will show the exciting and bold character in the group which will be worn only by one person and that is the person that challenges the Capulets and is seen as a leader but doesn't necessarily have the last word. Both families are rich and each member has a share in the wealth. Both families will drive sports cars. The Capulets will have a large noisy motor and the Montague's will drive a smaller car with a smoother engine. The start of the scene will be set in a night club of the eighties with music of the time. The Montague's will be in the club at one side and then the Capulets will enter and will be seated on the opposite side of the club with only the dance floor separating the two families. The music will change to music of the nineties as the Capulets enter and when the eyes of Tybalt and Mercutio lock onto each other the music will not be heard however the dancers will continue to enjoy themselves as if there has been no change. ...read more.


At the end of the scene the Prince will stand at the top of the steps to show his importance and he will announce the banishment of Romeo. I regret that during my production I didn't have many props or a set to use as this would have made the scene much more effective. I would have preferred to perform the scene outdoors rather than in a classroom however the classroom atmosphere was very similar to the atmosphere I wished to create at the beginning of the scene between the two families at the night club, because it was very tense and nervous. I was also unable to create the sense of heightened tension and heart rates as I would have wished with the technical ability. I would also have wished to perform dressed as I would have wished. If I was to do this performance again I would include more members to the cast as there was a shortage of characters and I would also have evaluated the presentation at the end, after the conclusion. Navid Moosavi-Hejazi ...read more.

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