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Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' - media analysis.

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MEDIA ESSAY Media is the medium in which information is exchanged, for instance, a newspaper. In the early part of the last century, visual newspapers called 'Newsreels' were very popular. People would fill the cinemas to watch a film and catch up on world and home events. The film industry started in the earlier days when films without sound were staged with screen text boxes at the bottom of the screen. These revealed the films story as each scene was displayed on screen in black and white. Later, while Americas film industry developed and increased, the British film industry began to deteriorate. Mainly, the reason for this was that the Americans made bright, bold, original sets and gripping new movies. Americans are also extremely good at distributing their films with appealing trailers etc. Hollywood is the film industries' capital and it is still the centre of activity, with the British film industry on its tail, growing with its popular, catchy films, such as 'The Full Monty', 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', 'Notting Hill' and the eagerly awaited Harry Potter movie. The Asian film industry is growing large too, to become a vast industry, centred in 'Bollywood' (its nickname) ...read more.


Abra's face then appears on the screen as a still shot, with writing describing who he is. He then scares the life out of the Montagues' who seem a little embarrassed after being humiliated. The audience can feel the build up of tension by the eerie silence whipping the air. Western music is then played in the background, making the atmosphere seem a little menacing. The screen then captures another still shot of Tybalt. The camera slowly creeps up his body, first of all closing in on his metal heeled, spurred, cowboy boots. He is described as 'Prince of the Cats', perhaps because of his cat like face. His threatening looking face , combined with his leather clothes make the Capulets' look rich, dangerous and cool. Meanwhile, 'The Montague Boys' are trying to supply the Pickup with petrol to make a quick getaway before a fight commences. All of them seem very 'stressed' as the getaway doesn't really work. Abra seizes the black Sedan and reverses top speed - and then comes to a skidding halt at the entrance of the gas station, as to block it. The view the audience get of the Capulets is that they are very cunning and are very quick thinkers in tricky situations. ...read more.


Benvolio moves into the camera shot and talks to the love struck Romeo. Rosaline (Romeos current girlfriend), doesn't love him, but he loves her. The pair talk about romance while walking through a fairground near the golden beach. It looks like the end of the day because of the reddened sky and setting sun on the horizon, but meanwhile Romeo has seen the brawl on the television news. To the audience, Romeo himself seems to be very romantic, a peacemaker, unhappy with a love that makes him feel sad and as for the city, it looks like anything can happen here. We haven't seen Juliet in the opening scene, but the viewers can anticipate that she is going to be beautiful and appealing to the audience, as well as Romeo. The overall effect of this opening scene is unique and a huge success. The way Luhrmann has created this modernised scene wants you to carry on and watch more romance, violence and tragedy, all rolled into one, interesting movie. The effects on screen have worked well with every element in the scene. My personal feeling about this film is that it is very interesting and a huge success. I know that I would certainly want to watch more of the film than I have done. ...read more.

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