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Shakespeare's work is well respected and even though he is not alive his work lives on through talented directors such as Franco Zefferilli and Baz lurhmann who did his play justice with their production of 'Romeo and Juliet'.

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Name: Rochelle Jones School: Clapton Girls' Technology College Center number: 10406 Candidate number: Date: Friday 12th March 2003 Topic: Media Shakespeare's work is well respected and even though he is not alive his work lives on through talented directors such as Franco Zefferilli and Baz lurhmann who did his play justice with their production of 'Romeo and Juliet'. The scenes that I will be comparing are the opening and closing sequences of Romeo and Juliet. I will show how both directors interpret the same play differently; I will do this by exploring the different camera angles, music, costumes, colour and completely different settings. Franco Zefferilli recreated 'Romeo and Juliet', in the traditional sixteenth century Verona in 1968, while Baz Lurhmann introduces the action as a television news item, this was created in 1997. Even though Zefferilli's version was set in the sixteenth century a great deal of the original text was edited, but this factor is not very important because the cast of the film showed their emotions through their body language and dialogue. ...read more.


Luhmann creates a magnificent impact in this shot, he keeps the audience in suspense, to make them eager to carrying on watching, to find out what would happen next. The modern version, Luhmann, created used various forms of technology to create a more effective impact. Tybalt orders Benviolio to draw his gun. In the original text it says: ''Draw your sword'' Luhmann did this very effectively, he zoomed in on the gun, which said SWORD and a picture of a sword, and he still found a way to keep the text alive in the film, this shot emphasized the danger and the power that Tybalt had, because he would be able to take someone's life. This shot showed who had control, which is the Capulet's. I think Luhmann created this idea to show the audience the fear and the emotions of having a gun pointed to their head. The scene ends with another extreme close-up of Benviolio's watery eyes. In both versions of 'Romeo and Juliet', both directors kept one thing the same according to Shakespeare's text and that was the language used. Zefferilli attracts audiences that follow the works of Shakespeare. ...read more.


The only thing that Romeo and Juliet accomplished after their deaths was to stop the two feuding families from arguing. Luhmann, on the other hand, ends the modern day version of Romeo and Juliet in Colloquial style. The scene starts with an extreme close up of Romeo's eyes; this is to show the sorrow and the pain inflicted on him when Juliet is taken away from him. This is then followed by an over the shoulder shot of Romeo holding Juliet. Juliet hand starts to move and she starts to wake up, but by this time it is too late Romeo has already drunk the poison and sees Juliet's face. Juliet takes the bottle to see if he has left any for her, but he has not. The shot is of a big close up of the gun and the audience now realizes what she is going to do. The shot switches with a two shot close-up of the dead lovers. Both directors did exceptional pieces of work with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. However, Luhmann's version affected me more, bringing tears to my eyes. I now realize that: "There is no Romeo without his Juliet" ...read more.

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