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Sharpe's escape book review. Set in 1810, the novel finds Captain Richard Sharpe threatened as commander of the South Essex Regiment Light Company

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Book Review: Sharpe's Escape Set in 1810, the novel finds Captain Richard Sharpe threatened as commander of the South Essex Regiment Light Company by the family politics of the Regiment's Commanding Officer. While the British and their Portuguese allies see off the French assault at Bussaco, Sharpe becomes embroiled in a private feud with the criminal Ferragus, whom he pursues from the abandoned town of Coimbra back towards the massive defensive works which Wellington has ordered built at Torres Vedras. ...read more.


Sharpe develops a enmity with Ferragus, a tall and huge man and shows him what he can do when he is out for revenge. As far as the historical period is concerned well it is 1810 and in Napoleon's determination to conquer Portugal-and push the British back to the sea-he sends his largest army yet across the Spanish frontier. But between the Portuguese border and Napoleon's seemingly certain victory are two obstacles-a wasted land, stripped of food by Wellington's orders, and Captain Richard Sharpe. ...read more.


Sharpe has also been known to surprise his enemies which would have made the fight even more interesting. Overall, I think this a great read but may suit an adult age group slightly more than children or teenagers. Sharpe's Escape emphatically reaffirms Bernard Cornwell's status as "perhaps the greatest writer of historical adventure novels today"; its climactic battle scenes and great re-creation of history sweep the reader off the page and into the action and drama of nineteenth-century warfare. By Arjun Bhatt 9T ...read more.

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