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Shattered.Anna was always quiet, but very polite. From the moment she was born, a tremendous weight was put onto her shoulders- she was to be the woman Mrs. Ashton never grew to be.

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Shattered "Why?" Mrs. Ashton sunk from the sofa onto the floor in tears. "I gave her what she wanted!" she put her head in her hands. "Mum, this was something none of us could've done anything about," replied Liam, placing himself next to her on the floor. "We didn't know." "We should've known," Mrs. Ashton sobbed into the sleeve of her jumper "I should've known." She paused as she looked down at the pile of food in front of her. Uncertain whether to believe what had just happened was true, Liam stared vacantly at the fireplace. Silence filled the room. I watched as the heartache set in and the grief fell over them. There was nothing I could do, I tried to help, I'd been there and listened, but it wasn't enough to save her. Flustered and uneasy, Mrs. Ashton suddenly rose to her feet and started pacing up and down the room. "She could've talked to me about it, I would've understood. Why didn't she tell me? What did I do wrong? I only wanted the best for her, did I push her too hard?" her voice was shaking and her hands were trembling. ...read more.


There was nothing Anna could do or say to convince her mum that she had no interest in becoming a model and she found it an incredibly shallow and degrading job. I listened to her tell me all of this, but I was powerless to interfere. Mrs. Ashton kept the family on a strict diet, she never kept junk food in the house, and she told Mr. Ashton and Liam that if they wanted any, they'd have to buy it with their own money, but she would restrict Anna from having any at all. "Don't waste that body of yours." was the command that echoed through Anna's mind, it haunted her. Anna grew up on a celery stick diet. After a while the haunting, disheartening comments Mrs. Ashton made began to sink into Anna; she became obsessed with her looks and her body. Controlled by the reading on the scales. I would observe Anna prodding her food at the dinner table, only eating small fork fulls of it while watching the rest of her family devour it in a matter of minutes. She would then perform the same ritual she had been doing for the past month; throw the contents which remained on her plate into the rubbish and make her way to the bathroom. ...read more.


Why didn't she tell me? What did I do wrong? I only wanted the best for her, did I push her too hard?" her voice was shaking and her hands were trembling. In silence, Liam sat, dismayed, watching Mrs. Ashton pace faster and faster, clenching her fists, tears streaming down her face, the veins on her head protruding far enough to cast a shadow on her forehead, her visage turning a vermilion shade of anger. The pace of her voice became faster and faster when suddenly, in a fit of unforeseen rage, she picked up the vase from the mantle behind her and hurled it across the room with such tremendous force it could have broken through a wall. Unfortunately, failing to realise she was the cause of her daughters decline, Mrs. Ashton aimed for the next best thing. She blamed me, the object of innocent reflection; the vase I had always admired from a distance, the china one with meticulous patterns painted from top to bottom, was coming straight for me. I couldn't move. I couldn't think. I was frozen. As the vase hit, my life shattered along with the memories. The splintered pieces fell to the floor, the cracks in my mirrored face formed a distorted image of the remains of a wasted life. Who would have thought a reflection could cause so much pain. Tracy Kelly ...read more.

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