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Shawshank redemption - review

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Andy Dufresne's whole experience I believe is summed up in the very important quote that "crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side." This statement made by Red holds many different meanings. Andy Dufresne went through many hardships in "Shawshank" for a crime he never committed which is something no man should endure. Andy Dufresne arrived at Shawshank with a very steely look in his eyes and a look of composure that was misconstrued as a type of arrogance or mentally weak attitude. Andy knew he didn't belong at Shawshank and just by his body language he made himself a target to many of the inmates. Although Red picked Andy is his horse the fist time he saw him Red obviously didn't think much of Andy and mistook his composure as a weakness and "looked like a stiff breeze would blow him over". Andy then the had the Warden lay down the rules and then had Hadley beats down a prisoner that started the "shit" in prison and Hadley initiated them with "I believe in two things - discipline and the Bible. ...read more.


In a way Andy was tarnished by this corrupt role his was playing for the Warden in which he started laundering money around for Warden. Once he arrived in jail Andy was targeted by the sisters. Bogs came up to Andy early and asked if 'anyone is getting at him yet' while Andy told Bogs he was not a homosexual and walked away. Andy did not realise how much 'shit' was going to be thrust upon him. 'The sisters' now had their target set on him especially the leader of the 'sisters' Bogs. Bogs looked at Andy as a sort of challenge. The isster persued him until he was alone and then the Bogs and two of the sisters came and assualted him. Once the sisters got a hold of him it became a routine and every so often "Andy would show up with fresh new bruises. The sisters kept at him and Andy kept on trying to fend them off and that's how it went for According to Red a "vulnerable newcomer is repeatedly subjugated and victimised during his first two years". ...read more.


Andy had to go through all the hardships that included Tommy the man who informed him that he knew who the real murderer of his wife was and seeing him get shot dead for what he knew because potentially it could ruin the Warden. After this moment of seeing Tommy dies and spending 1 month in the hole Andy seemed to have enough and looked suicidal but escaped through 19 years of pick hammering the wall through to the sewers he "crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side." Not only did he escape he was free from the jail lifestyle and the shit that went on in prison. Andy Dufresne "crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side." He was a free man and was totally clean on the outside world. Maybe he broke out of jail but he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place so what crime did he really commit? He lost 19 years in a maximum security jail having to deal with constant rapings, beatings, corruption and emotional distress but he still was a free man who was happy. ...read more.

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