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shcnidlers list

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G.C.S.E Media Coursework - Compare the presentation of the holocaust in the two films Schindler's List and Life is Beautiful. "Schindlers List" and "Life Is Beautiful" are two very different films both set at the time of the holocaust. The holocaust is very difficult to present on film because it was so horrific to understand what it was like. It's impossible, unless you were really there and experienced it. The Nazis were ruthlessly brutal towards the Jews and considered these people subhuman. A director may need to consider that although the film he or she is making is a piece of entertainment, because it is going to be seen by the public it must inform and educate its audience. Its information must be correct and true so it doesn't offend the survivors of the holocaust. It might do this because the survivors truly know and felt the atmosphere of the holocaust and if it is shown to the public differently. This could offend them and it shouldn't use gratuitous violence because it might be viewed by children it should use just enough violence to create realism. "Life Is Beautiful" is about three main characters, Guido, Joshua and Dora, it is an Italian film set in Italy and is about a Jewish man called Guido who falls in love with an Italian woman named Dora. ...read more.


" Schindlers List" in comparison opens with a close-up shot of a candle brightly lit. The colour being drained out of the scene suggests the past was filled with sadness. The rest of the film is colourless apart from a candle being lit later on a second time. There is also diagetic sound when the rabbi is praying this shows us the religion of the man. (Jewish). The effect of this on the audience is suspense because we know the film is about the persecution of the Jews. Again there is symbolism when the candle is snuffed out the colour is drained out of it. This suggests there was no light or happiness; there was just evil and darkness. The scene then becomes black and white because this colour change represents the evil and darkness. There is juxtaposition when the Jews are at the train station and Schindler is in the club drinking champagne. The scenes show the opposite lifestyle of each other. Schindler leads a life of extravagance and luxury, whilst the Jews are treated like outsiders and strangers they are not welcomed like Schindler because of their religion. In "Life Is Beautiful" throughout the whole film there is light. Whereas in "Schindlers List" the opening of the film is in colour and there is light, after the candles flame goes out the film is differentiated into black and white. ...read more.


This doesn't shock the audience because it is expected because of the mood of the scene but it confirms the audience's interpretation. Both of these films are very powerful, but in different ways. Benigni intends to make a film that informs the audience of the time of the holocaust yet entertains them by using the popular genre of comedy in this film Benigni uses slap-stick comedy. This creates a false sense of security because the audience are unsuspecting that the film will change dramatically the way it does from Guido attempting to win Dora's heart to the family being sent to a concentration camp where Dora and Guido are separated. I think Benigni has impressively produced a film which moves its audience and still manages to make them laugh and cry, yet educate them of the events of the holocaust. In contrast Spielberg aims to show to the absolute full extent how the Nazis wrath affected the Jews. However by watching Schindlers List the audience is desensitised after seeing so many killings. I think that Spielberg successfully made a film, which can make its audience gasp in sympathy for those being unfairly treated on screen and make them feel sorrow for how the treatment of the Jews is represented in this film. Both films are very moving. But I personally think that "Life Is Beautiful" is sadder because we are only shown 3 main characters. Therefore we become attached to them more as we learn about their lives and situation. ...read more.

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