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She calmly closed her eyes and stretched luxuriously as the plane levelled and the engine note returned to a gentle murmur.

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She calmly closed her eyes and stretched luxuriously as the plane levelled and the engine note returned to a gentle murmur. They had reached a cruising altitude. Smiling, she pictured the hot sunny beach that awaited her for the next two weeks. Suddenly the quiet was shattered by the pilot's hoarse voice erupting over the tannoy system. "good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! On behalf of myself and all the staff aboard we hope you have all had a pleasant journey so far. We have now reached an altitude of 13,000 feet and the weather is overcast. It's now approximately 4 hours and 47 minuets until we reach the destination of Mexico City. We hope also you are finding our facilities and food to your standards. I hope you enjoy the rest of you journey." There was a loud crackling and the speakers went dead. The man in aisle C was looking pale. He had been edgy all the way up. ...read more.


It was a popping noise. Slowly but surely it began to escalate just as the last. It seemed she was the only one who could here it. She rose from her seat and walked to the cock pit determined to find out what it was. Startled the pilot turned in his seat and told her to read the "no unauthorised access" sign above the door. She returned to her seat. 3 minuets later the space between each 'pop' was becoming more and more scarce by the second. without warning the noise greatly escalated and She swivelled her head round to see that it was only a child playing with the poppers on it's coat. "why me?" he wondered. "what did I do to deserve this? I mean was my previous life really that bad or does God just totally hate my guts?! I can see where this is going I'll get off the plane and she'll be standing there with her brother or something and he'll be waiting to lamp me one round the head with a base ball bat. ...read more.


There was no where they could make an emergency landing there was only a million miles of ocean. The next morning the world was in mourning. The headlines didn't make any one feel better. They read; ' yesterday at approximately 21:49 the 747 had all most reached it's destination of Mexico City when the co-pilot discovered a hair-line breach on the inner body. A steward tried his best to weld it but it was virtually impossible. As time went by the rupture began to worsen and grow in to an abnormally large abomination. Soon enough the plane began to loose control and spiral into the Atlantic Ocean. One man was lucky enough to survive. At the moment his condition is critical but has been improved over night...' "why me? I wanted to die. Why couldn't you have left me to die? When I get out of this coma he's going to put me straight back into it! And she's going to try and blame me for it all and say she wished I died instead of our little boy! God, why do you hate me so much?! I just want to be left to die." 4 4 ...read more.

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