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She was finally there, that was it, after all that time, Sophia had brought herself to go there. Glancing around it looked like such an amazing place to

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The Wait She was finally there, that was it, after all that time, Sophia had brought herself to go there. Glancing around it looked like such an amazing place to live. Just perfect with the snow glistening in the tree tops, with the huge Christmassy trees towering over her, the branches like the gnarled arthritic fingers of an old lady welcoming Sophia to the little cottage of Sunnybrook. It was a very quiet, fairly small village. Everything with such exquisite detail. Even the snow looked like it had been personally placed there by somebody, not a single indent in it, just her own footsteps printed in the fluffy pure white snow, walking into the tiny drive. All that could be heard was the faint whistling of a robin chirping to his friend. She could feel the breeze tingling her nose and the lobes of her ears which were not covered by her warm pink hat. This was what she had been waiting for her whole life and was exactly the way she had imagined it... just like a fairy tale! She knew that this was going to change her life forever. Nothing could stop her now. Sophia didn't even give a thought for Maria and John, they were just people that got in the way of her future. Ten whole years they had stopped her from knowing the truth. ...read more.


Life wasn't worth living. What was a life knowing that your real parents didn't love you? So Sophia started bunking off school, would never do any work set, would get home late and not tell Maria and John where she was going. They were never going to give up though. They hated to see their daughter so unhappy. They tried everything. They forgave her for all the wrong things she did, they gave her as much money as she wanted whenever she wanted it, they made up excuses to her school about why she was not doing her work. They blamed it on themselves. Sophia became so rebellious but Maria and John knew there must be something they could do to stop her being like it. 'We will do anything to make you happy!' they said to her. 'Let me find my parents then' 'that's not a good idea, they didn't have time for you when you were younger, why would they now, why do you think they...' ' I knew you would be like this! You said you would do anything for me, and I ask one thing and of course the answer is no!' Sophia cried. She ran out the front door, intending never to go back, never to see them ever again. 'I wonder how they are doing! The last time I saw them was about a year ago, argh why should I care? ...read more.


That was it, her dream of a life, vanished. How could this be happening to her? She walked to a window and looked inside. Nobody was inside. It looked so cosy though. Just like a couples sitting-room should be. Table and chairs, two sofas, a television, candles, pictures. She tried squinting at the pictures to see if there were any of herself as a baby, but no, absolutely none. 'Who is that?' Sophia thought, 'and her?' surely not. They couldn't possibly have other children together could they? Well why would they get rid of Sophia then? There were photographs of the two children and her parents everywhere! They were an actual family and she wasn't part of it. 'Maria and John were right all along' Sophia whispered softly to herself. 'my parents didn't want me and Maria and John saved me from a life of loneliness and I have done nothing to thank them' 'what did they do wrong? Absolutely nothing! I have been taking them for granted for all these years when they are actually my family. They are the ones who took me in and have loved me for my whole life' she sobbed. A sudden sense of overwhelm came over Sophia when she realised that she was the luckiest girl alive and had the nicest parents to return home to. She wanted to run back home, give them each a huge hug, thank them for everything they had ever done for her and start life again for the final time... that was exactly what Sophia did. Rebecca Cheetham ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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