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She was repulsive

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GCSE English - Coursework Draft She was repulsive. Her bosoms were like cannon balls suspended by elastic from her chest. The woman's hair was dripping with grease, like the frying pans at MacDonald's. It looked like the straw used to stuff scarecrows. Just the thought of that makes me curl up and shiver. I never confessed this phobia to anyone before, I thought that they would just make fun of me, but they don't know what I've seen, heard nor felt. I discovered this fear quite some time ago, when I and my parents first moved to the countryside. We used to have one to keep all the crows away. But one day a very strange thing happened; it disappeared, and when it returned a day later it seemed as though its eyes followed my every move. ...read more.


Her enormous appetite explains why the ground shakes every-time she walks, and why Birmingham and Leister were put on earthquake alerts. The earthquakes that she created measured five point two on the Richter scale, considering 'one' is just a ball bouncing and 'ten' is total destruction, a picture begins to form in your mind. I thought to myself once, how can there be an earthquake in Britain, in the fifteen hundreds that measures a seven point two on the Richter scale? Then it came to me, time-travel. It is the only explanation for that earthquake, our maid; the repulsive blood sucking monster went back in time and brought havoc upon New England then blotted out the sun and caused the Dark Age. I know, I know. It's a bit far fetched, but it's the most likely and most reasonable explanation there is. Unless... ...read more.


I wouldn't be surprised if it could sedate the wildest elephant on the planet. At last, the glorious moment has come and her reign is at an end. I am not a cold hearted person but I am glad that her mother passed on, to a different place, a place away from her daughter the spawn of Frankenstein. Now that I think about it more, I would say that Frankenstein is a pretty charming guy compared to my maid. Anyway, the poor... crippled old lady. How did she do it, how did she manage to spend all those years with that thing she called her daughter, maybe that's what killed her in the end, who knows. I am just glad that drooling, oozing peace of blubber is out of my life for good, I would have to take my own life if I had to spend another day trying to hide from her. Written By Dimitar 10G ...read more.

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