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Sheila's Speech That night was one night I could never forget. It was the night that changed my life forever...

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Sheila's Speech That night was one night I could never forget. It was the night that changed my life forever... It was changed by a mysterious inspector whom none of us had ever met before. We didn't even know what he was; was he a regular police officer, a hoaxer, or was he something a lot more than what appeared to the eye? It left me and the rest of the family shocked. It really began at a dinner party to celebrate my engagement to Gerald- my first arrangement to Gerald I should say! I hardly recognise myself now looking back at that silly, happy, charming girl who thought she had reached the pinnacle of her life, how wrong I was. How little did I know about the world, society, other people... It was a nice, pleasant day; one which I was looking forward to for a long time. Never did I even think about something as strange as this happening at that day it was extremely bizarre. It was basically like most days we were all having our silly discussions around the table and just trying to get along with each other, just a bit more special though, more port, the family dressed up in nice new clothes, etc. It was my engagement to Gerald, there was nothing strange or weird expected. I could just imagine looking back at the day, before going to bed and thinking what a nice day it was. We were all just talking about loads of different little things and mainly the engagement of course. All was going well; it was turning out to be a good evening. ...read more.


It was pretty bad how it ended up because before mum was saying how bad the man who treated this girl was. Then I realised my own mum saw her just two weeks ago and she was also responsible for her death and could have helped her. The thing that bothered me was that she didn't even really even care that much; she was that kind of cold hearted person. Anyway it turned out while working at the committee that she was prejudiced against her case and did not help her. Mum hardly cared, I was quite shaken and upset and that was before I heard that she was pregnant; and that's not all mum knew it! Mum also shared her views with other people in the committee so that there was no one there to help the poor girl. I still can't forget the words: go look for the farther of the child it is his responsibility. It was so terrible I was trying to get over something and then another thing started! I would never look at my mum the same way as I used to; I knew that she was cold hearted but not to that extent. There was more to it though, she said that she weren't responsible and said that the girl told us that the father was the one mainly in charge and that she would not marry him because he was a young, silly, wild and drank too much. For a moment I was a little bit more relieved knowing that it wasn't all her fault as I previously did. ...read more.


I could still remember the inspector, his eyes how he glanced upon me, his voice, how he made me feel, his presence, all of it frightened me still. Everyone was happy again, smiling, triumphing and Gerald trying to propose to me again by saying it's all over! But obviously I thought it was too soon and had to think about it. Everyone was laughing thinking that it was stupid and being amused until all the cheerfulness from everyone got interrupted by the ringing, the ringing of the phone. Dad picked the phone up; everyone was waiting anxiously due to all the events that took place. There was a deadly silence, I got scared. Dad put the phone down to say the fateful news. It was the police, a girl died in the infirmary after swallowing some disinfectant and a police inspector is on his way. That guilty conscience started to get bigger but the atmosphere was not only surrounded with that but also confusion and terror. My heart started to race up again, I was worried, I panicked and was confused. I thought of the situation again trying to make sense it just startled me even more. How did the so called inspector no about Eva!!?! I could never forget the faces of everyone as they stared guilty and dumbfounded. It changed everybody's life. We all found shameful secrets of each other and knew what kind of a person we were. From that day on I tried never to be mean like that again to this very day... ...read more.

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