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Sherlock and Watson's Relationship

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SHERLOCK AND WATSON RELATIONSHIP Sherlock Holmes and Watson are the main charactes of the 56 short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle , and Scandal in Bohemia, wich was published in 1891, is the very first one of the saga. Scandal in Bohemia narrate the story of The King of Bohemia, who is about to get married, but he request help from Holmes because Irene Adler, an actress with whom he once had an affair, has love letters and a photo wich can do a lot of damage to the king. ...read more.


His intelligence is smarter than most other, his behaviour match with his pshycology aspects because he is careful with the things he says, he analyzes the enviromet but in the other hand he is disorganize, not effusive, arrogant ,careless and his ideas about women could be male chauvinists. Watson is a married man , he is happy with her wife , he has a strong built, normal stature, but he is smaller than Sherlock , thick, strong neck and a small moustache : nothing special, he is a normal man. ...read more.


knows that he is a brilliant detective and he is only his assitant.We can see sometimes that their relationship is not brilliant: Watson is always complaining about Sherlocks laziness and Holmes also makes comments to keep Watson in an inferior situation . The relationship between Sherlcock and Watson is not a normal one, they are straight men, but they live as patners in the same house; Sherlock “hates” women, Watson admires profoundly Holmes and they sometime argue, it really looks like a gay relationship but as far as we know, they are only the perfect work team. Fco Javier Pérez Gutiérrez ...read more.

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