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Sherlock Holmes

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Pre 1914 Prose Case Study: The Short Stories Of Sherlock Holmes There are many great stories in the detective genre but my favourite has to be the stories of Sherlock Holmes. There isn't much I like more than kicking back after a hard days work a good book. I like to curl up on the sofa in front of the warm fire and a blanket, a glass of France's finest wine in one hand and my own copy of The Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes in the other. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on 22nd May 1859 and was of a Scottish origin. He is now known as Conan Doyle and is mostly recognized for his fictional stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes, which are generally considered a major innovation in the field of crime fiction, and for the adventures of Professor Challenger. He was a great writer and his other work includes science fiction stories, historical novels, plays and romances, poetry, and non-fiction. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his intellectual expertise and also for his skillful use of deductive reasoning to solve difficult cases. ...read more.


The effect of these clues is to try and make the reader see the plot of the stories and the mysteries of the crimes unravel with ease in small stages. Red herrings are constantly used throughout the story to throw the reader off the tracks of the plot and keep them guessing as to what is going to happen next. It also keeps the reader intrigued in the story so that they read until the end and it is not possible to assume what is going to happen. The use of clues and red herrings this way creates a sense of atmosphere and suspense which appeals to the modern day reader because it is what most modern day stories include and as this was written in the Victorian era it is still giving the reader the sense of uneasiness; for example, In The Speckled Band, the gypsies are red herrings because Conan Doyle writes about them in a way as to suggest they are to blame for the crime however this only makes the reader build up false accusations against them and they become oblivious to the real criminal. The use of language is very interesting in Conan Doyle's stories because there are many variations compared to the language we use today. ...read more.


These morals would appeal to a modern reader because it is still valid for today's society. It is a way of distinguishing right from wrong and showing how crime results in punishment and that justice will be done. The morals don't seem harsh to me, I think they are fair. It is a strong message; however I think they can be interpreted differently in both the Victorian society and today's society. Back in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries money often determined people's class which could affect their lifestyles however; many crimes are committed in order to gain money for different reasons. The key parts of the stories that I feel appeal to me, as a modern day reader, are the processes leading up to the crime being solved and the frequent use of red herrings. Also, the Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes would appeal to modern readers because they are of a detective genre which still relates to today's society. I would recommend these stories because they are very well written and are also educational and informative about Victorian Society. I preferred The Speckled Band because it had the most unexpected ending due to having so many red herrings in. I think that that makes the story more exciting and interesting to read. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adriana Romano 10N ...read more.

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