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Sherlock Holmes

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Arthur Conan Doyle is the author of the most widely read detective stories known as the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle created a complex character who's thought process is comparable to a machine. Doyle named his series of stories after a character that he named Sherlock Holmes. And with this amazingly complex character, he created a simple character as Holmes' trusty sidekick and named him Dr. Watson. The stories are named after Holmes, but without Watson, Doyle's stories might not have been such a success. Doyle makes Watson the narrator because Watson is more personable to the reader, he creates a biased view of the detective, and keeps the reader in suspense. ...read more.


Dr. Watson's simple lifestyle makes him a more trustworthy character that allows Doyle to create a biased view of Holmes for the reader, and paint a picture of Holmes in a way in which he wants the reader to see him. Watson thinks very highly of his good friend and when he speaks of Holmes, he describes him as if he was the epitome of all detectives. In Doyle's short story, "A Scandal in Bohemia," Watson states, "He was I take it the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world has seen..." He even makes Holmes' bad habits and improper behavior seem normal and positive. ...read more.


Again, in the short story named, "The Noble Bachelor," Holmes knows the solution to the mystery as the mystery is being told and tells no one of his conclusions until he proves his hypotheses to both himself, Watson, and the reader once again leaving Watson in the dark. This keeps the reader both in suspense and interested. Watson's character balances Holmes' character out and helps the reader understand Holmes' complex and amazing thought process while shedding a positive light on his ill-mannered character and keeps the reader interested with suspense. The Sherlock Holmes short stories would surly have failed without Sherlock's trusty sidekick Dr. Watson. ...read more.

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