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Sherlock Holmes-

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English Coursework: Sherlock Holmes-"The Speckled Band" Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote many fictional detective stories. His first story "A Study in Scarlett" was published in 1887. Since then he has written many more. The famous detective in all his stories is Sherlock Holmes who also has an associate called Dr Watson. Sherlock Holmes became a household name usually pictured with a hat and magnifying glass. "The Speckled Band" was one of his stories which was published in 1892 and is still being enjoyed by many more than 100 years later. In "The Speckled Band" there are two victims, one already dead, the other, Miss Helen Stoner, fearing for her life. When we first see Miss Helen Stoner in the story, she is dressed in black and heavily veiled. We can tell that she is terrified straight away when she talks. The first thing she says is "It is not cold which makes me shiver", "said the woman in a low voice". "It is fear, Mr. Holmes. It is terror". ...read more.


The setting of this story was in an old house. This was a typical place to expect a murder as the house appeared to be old and creepy. The setting of this murder was very effective as it made the atmosphere feel very evil and helped build up suspense. Sherlock Holmes the detective in this story was a very good detective. He resolved the murder quite efficiently, that shows he was an intelligent and hard-working person. He observed little details and drew conclusions from them. The types of things he observed were: bruises on Helen Stoners arm, the bell-pull, the safe and the ventilator. I think it was good that Holmes actually picked up on these details because some detectives wouldn't notice how important these clues were. The story had a red herring, which made people believe it was the band of gypsies, but Holmes did not fall for this, as he was very clever. I found this story very exciting but most of all I like the part when Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are sitting in the bedroom waiting. ...read more.


The darkness all adds to the suspenseful atmosphere. People mostly traveled by trains and there were no motorcars, telephones or television. In murder mysteries it is not common to have any female detectives, I think this is because the role of females comes across differently. Most women in the olden days relied on their husbands for money. I liked the story because I found it quite interesting. It was very detailed to help create an image and had a good plot. It was a very enduring story meaning that it kept the reader wanting to read on. It was effective by the suspense built-up and by the atmosphere created. The story contained short sentences to help build up tension at certain places which was also very effective. "But I saw nothing". People like to read murder mysteries because they like to see how the detective solves or doesn't solve the crime by using clues to work out exactly what happened. Murder mystery stories want to make the reader read on especially to find out who the murderer is and why they did it. This story is a perfect example of a typical murder mystery and it is very enduring seeing that it is over 100 years old! ...read more.

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