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Sherlock Holmes Assignment:

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Sherlock Holmes Assignment: "What is the appeal of Sherlock Holmes?" The purpose of this assignment is to determine the appeal of Sherlock Holmes, a fictional detective mastermind, first written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. Arthur Conan Doyle was in 1859 in Scotland, Edinburgh. Doyle's Irish mother and English father sent him to be raised and educated at very strict Jesuit schools Austria and Scotland. It was not until the year 1876 that Arthur Conan Doyle arrived at Edinburgh University with the passion of studying medicine in his mind. It was during his stay at Edinburgh University that he met Doctor Joseph Bell, one of the professors who taught him there. Doctor Joseph Bell stunned and impressed his young students with his unique ability to diagnose his patients' occupations and habits, as well as their medical conditions through tell-tale signs and observations which anybody else would dismiss as totally irrelevant. Anybody whom has read any Sherlock Holmes book or short story would easily be able to see a clear connection between the fictional Sherlock Holmes, and the long-dead Doctor Joseph Bell. From this, we can certainly speculate that Doctor Joseph Bell was a great source of inspiration to Arthur Conan Doyle, as Doyle later patterned Holmes's methods of deduction on those of Doctor Joseph Bell. ...read more.


Sherlock Holmes makes everything he deduces merely by acute observation look so straightforward that anyone would think that they should have noticed it. Many of the books' characters, and in particular Sherlock Holmes' colleague and friend, Doctor John Watson, are frequently astounded by Holmes' astonishing powers. Take page eleven of A Scandal in Bohemia for an example of Sherlock Holmes' extraordinarily observant mind. Upon entering the room, Holmes indicates for Watson to sit in a near by arm-chair, passes him a case of Cigars and offers him a case of spirits (alcohol) and an old fashioned Gasogene. Sherlock Holmes, without even vocally greeting his companion, then begins to remark on several seemingly obvious observations which leave Watson completely bewildered. Firstly, Sherlock Holmes voices his opinion of the fact that he believes Watson to have gained precisely seven and a half pounds in weight since their last meeting each other. Watson corrects Holmes by claiming that he had only gained seven pounds. Sherlock Holmes then points out that Watson is back in practice (Watson is a Doctor) and does not recall Watson saying he was going to go back to his job. ...read more.


passing over heavy roads. I do not doubt that there are more examples such as these in episodes of Sherlock Holmes's life which I am yet to read. The very instant Holmes enters a room he seems to instantaneously analyse the entire room and its contents. Sherlock Holmes is the ultimate detective observational work. It is for his incredible skills of examination and surveillance. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was not a brilliant writer, in his day or ours; but he did create the most celebrated detective of all time. In fact, Sherlock Holmes is so famous that even people who cannot read have heard of him. The name of Sherlock Holmes has long since become a modern synonym for detective. There is even a Sherlock Holmes Museum in London! The fictional genius is so famous, that many who have not read his works believe him to have been an actual living person. Despite the fact that many have not read any of the four Holmes's novels or any of the fifty-six short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is still the most famous detective of all time, which is the final reason why he is so popular. ...read more.

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