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Sherlock Holmes Coursework

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Prose Study - Coursework By Monica A. Discuss, with reference to three of the Sherlock Holmes stories you have read, the statement that 'Holmes too often puts himself above the law'. In your response you should consider Holmes' relationship with the police. The author of the famous Sherlock Holmes Stories was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930. With his stories being entwined with many mysteries, Sherlock Holmes is the main character to solve them with his right-hand partner in solving these cases, Watson. In my essay I will be referring to the three stories Sherlock Holmes stories, 'Silver Blaze', 'The Final Problem' and 'The Empty House'. I will also state my opinion on: "Do you think Holmes too often puts himself above the law?" In my perspective, I assume Holmes does but at the same time has the right too as most of time he is right however, feels too snobby at times and should accept those willing to help to solving the case also. Sherlock Holmes is an honourable character, he is intellectually arrogant and, from this point of view, the reader gets the impression that Holmes considers himself to be above the law. Holmes adores a challenge and is willingly enough to accept. ...read more.


For example in 'Silver Blaze', page 75 of Sherlock Holmes Stories, Holmes states to Watson: "On Tuesday evening I received telegrams, both from Colonel Ross, the owner of the horse, and from Inspector Gregory, who is looking after the case, inviting my co-operation." Holmes is asked to solve a case from the police which means the police fail to try and solve it without the assistance of Holmes, this makes Holmes seem in command and in charge of the cases. Holmes's attitude to and relationship with the police is rather far apart. Holmes doesn't like to work with the police as he feels as though he is more intelligent than them - upper level - otherwise they would not most of the time request help from him. For instance, in 'The Final Problem' page 128, bricks are being thrown from the roof, however the police think it is just the wind - but not Holmes: "There were slates and bricks piled upon the roof preparatory to some repairs, and they would have me believe that the wind had toppled over one of these. Of course I knew better..." Holmes acts rather arrogant here claiming he knows more than the police! ...read more.


"Three undetected murders in one year won't do, Lestrade. But you handled the Molesey Mystery with less than your usual - that's to say, you handled it fairly well." Holmes puts himself above the police as they are working to their extent he finds it not quite enough as though they are secondly to Sherlock Holme's intelligence in sussing out crimes. Overall, I think that Holmes too often puts himself above the police and the law. It seems his relationship with the police is very narrow and he feels they are similar in very small ways. Sometimes Holmes considers information that he discovers only important that he should be aware of. It is only right for the Law to know the details of the situation however; he feels not and takes the law into his own hands. Holmes does at times feel he is above the law in how he handles certain situations and also that the police depend on him to help when they are struck clueless. Therefore, why wouldn't he consider himself above the police? He has solved and dealt with more crime cases and gotten out of the most dangerous situations where he uses techniques to escape. He is also known around different countries such as France whereas they also required his assistance. With everyone depending on him so much he almost knows they are clueless without him. ...read more.

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