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Sherlock Holmes Coursework Essay

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Sherlock Holmes Coursework Essay How does Sir Arthur Conan Doyle engage the interest of the reader in the openings to his Sherlock Holmes detective stories. At the end of the 1800's London was a city where crime levels, poverty and poor public health were major issues for the people. Crime was a major feature of every day life, the smog caused by the growing industries created a dark and dismal place and further added to the sense of fear felt by many of the people. At this time Jack the Ripper the infamous murderer was roaming the streets of London. He slaughtered innocent victims and even sent their body parts to the police to taunt them. Despite killing at least five prostitutes, the police continually failed to catch him. This made the public, particularly women, the Ripper's main targets, very scared and afraid to go out at night. As a result of their failure to catch Jack the Ripper, the London police were seen by the public to be ineffective and many were exposed as corrupt. It was into these surroundings in 1887 that Scottish physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first introduced his fictional detective character Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes and his trusted friend and colleague Dr Watson were a new and exciting duo, they were introduced to the public in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories which were published each week as short stories The Strand magazine. ...read more.


He had a plan to make Silver Blaze lame and have a large bet on the second favourite for the Wessex cup. John Straker has been found dead in a ditch out in the moors. A man named Fitzroy Simpson has been arrested because John Straker was found dead with his scarf at his side. Fitzroy Simpson also turned up at John Strakers house that night. But later on into the story Sherlock Holmes solves the case ands finds out that it was not Fitzroy Simpson who murdered John Straker but Silver Blaze. Sherlock Holmes works out that John Straker took Silver Blaze out into the moors at night to make an incision into the horses leg but the horse is frightened by John Straker and it kicks out. John Straker then took a blow to the head instantly killing him. In the Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb the readers may be slightly shocked because two men are waiting in Dr Watson's waiting room one is a railway guard and the other has had his thumb hacked off and his hand wrapped in a blood stained handkerchief. What is unusual is that he has forgotten who he is or how he became injured or anything beforehand. The railway guard found the gentleman slumped in a carriage on a morning train from Reading. ...read more.


She then starts to tell Holmes and Watson about what has happened to her and about her stepfather Dr Grimesby Roylett. At the start of each story it always starts in Holmes and Watson's flat or in Watson's surgery. Which the readers will be familiar with from other stories. The Speckled Band is set in an old gloomy and dingy manor house with gypsies, a baboon and a leopard roaming the grounds around the house to make the readers curious about what happened when Helen Stoner's sister died. Only one wing of the house is used which makes the house look unused and abandoned. In Silver Blaze the story is set at the Kings Pyland Stables in the moors of Dartmoor which is very remote. Out of all the stories that I read the story that I enjoyed the most was Silver Blaze because it was very unusual and unpredictable. When Fitzroy Simpson was arrested I thought he had murdered John Straker because John Straker was found dead with Fitzroy Simpson's scarf. He was at the Kings Pyland Stables that night, he wanted to talk with the stable boy and he was believed to have put opium in the boy's food. But i was pleasantly surprised when Sherlock Holmes revealed that it was not Fitzroy Simpson who killed John Straker but Silver Blaze. I think the stories are so popular even now because people from nearly all ages can read them. English Coursework Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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