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Sherlock Holmes - Episode 1.

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23/09/03 Pre 20th Century Prose Study Episode 1 What has happened so far So far in the story Dr Mortimer has come to see Sherlock Holmes and Watson about the death of sir Charles and his fears for the new arrival Sir Henry. Dr Mortimer reads Holmes and Watson an old manuscript about the curse of the Baskervilles and the mysterious circumstances that Sir Charles died in, as there were huge dogs footprints near to his body. They go and meet sir Henry in the hotel. Holmes looks through the signing in book and enquires about the people staying trying to find out as much as he can about them by saying he thinks he knows them. When Holmes and Watson reach the room Holmes is showed the threatening letter Sir Henry has been sent. Holmes is able to deduce that the letter has been cut out of the Times Newspaper due to the font and then send of one of the boys to look through all the rubbish under the pretences that he is looking for a lost wire when Holmes has told him to look for a copy of the Times Newspaper with words cut out of it this shows not only Holmes intelligence but also his cunning. ...read more.


The moors also I think are used to reflect the theme of the story its self "there rose in the distance a grey, melancholy hill". The house its self is also a big mystery as it is old with big portraits and tapestries without much light. It is very empty and part of it is dilapidated and fallen into disrepair. The author has also added an escaped convict on the moor, which makes you wary that something will happen. The fog as well contributes to the mystery to the story and in thick fog you can't see properly and wouldn't be able to defend your self or escape. Why This Scene is Important This scene is important because you first hear about the neighbours and also you learn about the mire. It also shows us the way that the landlord was respected still in 19th century life as every one wants to see him or carry his bag and give him a lift where as we don't have land lords any more and if there were they would probably be treated same as every one else. Who Narrates this episode Watson also narrates this episode and he again narrates in 1st person. ...read more.


In this story the writer wrote it at a time when profanity in books was unheard of and so it uses old fashioned words like rascal which a modern-day writer would never dream of using as it would make the story sound corny whereas in this context it would be OK to use such words because it is set in that day and age. This is the classic detective story as the detective is different in intelligence (as he is much smatter than any one else), dress (as he were a odd dear stalker hat) and habits (he smokes opium) he also has a sidekick Watson who shows his intelligence. The bad guy is also extremely clever and has a helper (mss Stapleton) who cracks and no longer wants to help him. It is also set in a very mysterious place on the moors where it is very isolated and a mire that kills people who enter. As well as having the house which is huge and also extremely hair-raisingly scary. I personally found the book a brilliant read. It was enthralling and kept the suspense all the way through keeping the reader trapped unable to put the book down for the want to find out more the hunger for the entertainment it provides 99CH/20th century prse study.doc 1 of 5 30/04/07 ...read more.

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