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Sherlock Holmes Essay

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Sherlock Holmes Essay By Lisa Higgins Arthur Conan Doyle has written a number of short stories about a fictional character called Sherlock Holmes and his trusted work mate Dr. Watson. Together they solve mysteries using the art of the reasoner and imaginative thinking. I have recently been studying the adventure of the speckled band among other short stories. Holmes is portrayed as an intelligent crime solver, with quick thinking skills and a sharp mind. We find straight away in the story that Dr. Watson and Holmes are good friends as Holmes wakes Watson up early especially because he thinks he would want to learn about the case right from the start. Holmes has an eye for detail, which we realise near the beginning of the story as he can clearly describe how the woman travelled to meet him, by the half return ticket and mud splatters on her jacket. ...read more.


On visiting the scene Holmes finds some peculiar abnormalities with the room, there is a bell- pull, which isn't fixed to a bell, just the ceiling. Also the bed is nailed to the floor and there is an air vent between this room and the doctors. Holmes also looked in the doctor's room and found a bowl of milk on top of a safe also a small dog lead hung on the corner of the bed and tied to make a loop of whipcord. Holmes finds these clues using the art of the reasoner and his imaginative thinking, to work out how the previous murder happened and when the next was about to happen. Holmes also uses the art of the reasoner in another short story- Silver blaze, where the prize racing horse is stolen and its owner beaten to death in King's Pyland, Holmes works out that it can't have been anyone other than John Straker or his wife, as no-one ...read more.


the time of the murder, and the before the victim died she said "the speckled band" which could have meant the spotted scarves they are often found wearing and a band of gypsies. The tension is built up when Holmes and Watson stay in Helen Stoner's room to find out what killed her sister and could possibly kill her. As they sit in darkness listening to the night sounds outside, waiting for what they don't know at this stage, then Holmes realises that a snake has just entered the room and scares it off with a light. The twist in the tale is right at the end, when, because the snake is scared back through the ventilator, it gets confused and bites Dr. Roylott. So his greedy and malicious plan backfires, and he is killed. I chose to write about this story because I think that it has a lot of good points to describe, and it is a great, gripping story. ...read more.

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