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Sherlock Holmes - Features of Detective Fiction.

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Sherlock Holmes Coursework- Features of Detective Fiction The coursework that we are doing is about Sir Author Canon Doyle, who made the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. I am going to seek to describe the character of Sherlock Holmes and compare it to his abilities and behaviour as a detective. This should serve as a testimony to the accuracy and mental ability of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's style of writing. We had to read three books based on his stories and write a short summary and description of each. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an incredible novelist, as he was able to capture the minds of his readers by bringing the character of Sherlock Holmes to life. Although Doyle was able to create a life for the detective unlike any other, there are many similarities and agendas in the way that he told the story, for example, he always used a second person to say the story. They are both complex characters in their own ways, though Holmes is more mysterious. This may be because Watson narrates the stories, so we can see what he suspects; he is there to ask questions that the reader would ask. ...read more.


Dr Watson is the narrator of all the Sherlock Holmes stories. He is known as a doctor in every story because it would make the readers trust him and therefore believe in the stories told by him. Watson is shown as less skilful, lacking the reason skills compared to Holmes, this makes us the same level as well as him because he too doesn't know what's behind the curtains. If in any case the detective was to narrate the story to the reader, he/she would straight away give out who they suspect and spoil the tension rising. If we find out from a second persons point of view it would slowly build up tension because they too do not know what is going on behind the detective's mind. The famous feature of Sherlock Holmes character is his intelligence, which he reveals very modestly. Sherlock Holmes talks very little compared to his visitors, and have the ability to listen completely attentively to every detail of his victim's description, 'Leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed...' (The Speckled Band) This shows that Sherlock Holmes obviously has some amazing powers of concentration and imagination as he questions the victim and considers the situation, this would give him a fair idea of the story before he leaves the room. ...read more.


'The Speckled Band' 'Never commit theft because sooner or later you'll get caught red handed,' at the end John Clay was caught up with his guilt 'The Red-Headed League' 'Never commit fraud or murder because it is a crime,' kidnapping the child let the criminal to murdering an innocent person. 'The Priory School' In this coursework, I was told to read three books based on Arthur Canon Doyle. He wrote Detective stories and one of the famous detective stories ever told was about Sherlock Holmes. Doyle succeeded in writing the mystery stories and the perfect way of solving it. There was other writer like Agatha Christie who was well known worldwide and was famous for her incredible detective stories. One of he other author was J.B Priestly who wrote detective stories, but the difference between other authors and his was that his stories were always a moral crime, this means the criminal comes out in his own. In conclusion, I will say that using all these devices, Doyle successfully builds up inquisitiveness and hence mystery and intrigue. He uses little but heavy description; he is able to build up a powerful image into the readers mind and has the ability to shock the reader to submission. The way the whole truth is revealed is more dramatic and much more successful in entertaining the reader. Sanjida Akhtar 11Fa Mr Moore-English Coursework ...read more.

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