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Sherlock Holmes Media Essay

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Azeem Qadir 11G Sherlock Holmes Media Essay I am going to review Sherlock Holmes and the two films starring Basil Rathbone in the role of being Holmes. In English the two films I have watched recently are: The Pearl of Death and The Scarlet Claw. I enjoyed the film: The Pearl of Death because it is based upon the story "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons." The film was made in 1944 in Hollywood, and is updated to the 1940s London in the Blitz. Sherlock Holmes is in disguise very often. He looks realistic to the person he is imitating and there is no recognition of his original form. The unique feature in the film is the introduction of the Hoxton Creeper. In the story the villain is Beppo but we see Rando Hatton performing as the Hoxton Creeper in the film. Holmes calls the Hoxton Creeper "a monster with the chest of a buffalo and the arms of a gorilla." This is an exciting way to describe the Creeper - this makes us want to see what the Creeper looks like, and when we see him we are not disappointed. ...read more.


Naomi Drake disguises herself as a match seller, shop assistant and one who washes up. The atmosphere throughout the film is sinister and clouded due to special effects and the black-and-white photography. The use of light and shade is great and adds tension to the audience and this is great for a movie of this age. And also when the Creeper moves there is a sound track that is very scary and this gives a feeling of; 'Something is going to happen for sure.' I cannot miss this. It grabs attention!!! My favourite scene was when the Creeper broke the back of Giles Conover and then tried to kill Sherlock Holmes. We see the Creeper's face for the first time and he is hideously ugly. Of course Sherlock Holmes kills him, with a snub-nose Bulldog revolver. Holmes then smashes the final bust of Napoleon and recovers the valuable Borgia pearl. This was an exciting and dramatic ending to the film. Dr Watson's comic acting was humorous. When he hid the pearl in his mouth for protection of the precious stone it was amusing because no one noticed where it had gone. ...read more.


My English teacher says the Creeper is very scary but I think differently. I believe Rondo Hatton would have been scary to those watching in the cinemas half a century back. I think these films are not scary to a modern audience because there are far scarier horror films these days due to modern technology and special effects. I personally feel Basil Rathbone is an excellent actor; he was very good for the era he was in. I feel more tension is needed to make it up to the scratch of standard films today. I feel that some of the characters are too one dimensional and they need a little bit more feeling in their acting, but still the camera work is excellent for a film of this age. The films seem very old fashioned. I think improvements are needed to make them a bit more modern. There is fog, a lonely marsh, a bell ringing, and a monster on the loose. This creates a creepy, sinister atmosphere. But this gives me an impression that these were stories of many ages back. These days films are more interesting but these films are ace because of their many turns and twists. 1125 words ...read more.

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