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Sherlock HolmesHow successful is Conan Doyle in writing detective fiction that appeals to a modern reader?

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Sherlock Holmes How successful is Conan Doyle in writing detective fiction that appeals to a modern reader? Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories were written in the Victorian times and were based on some events in his life. Sherlock Holmes was based around a friend Dr Joseph bell, who would deduce injuries just by looking at them. People enjoy Crime fiction because in detective stories , like crosswords, you have to figure out the clues to the problem, also it makes the reader feel they are working alongside the detective. The stories build up tension and suspense to make people feel on the edge of they're seats. Conan Doyle use's many different techniques to write good stories for example he uses personification, to describe settings, imaginative characters etc... Doyle makes his characters resemble animals, this is so the reader can immediately identify the hero, villain and victim. One of the factors that enables readers to appreciate Sherlock Holmes stories is Watson, His role as narrator is important because he asks the questions that the reader wants to know. For example in the red- headed league Watson asks, "But how could you guess what the motive was?" ...read more.


Both have gone to Sherlock Holmes with a problem this shows that Holmes is well known for what he does. Jabez Wilson is described with pig like features for example when Watson describes him " a Very stout, florid faced, elderly gentleman with fiery red hair" He is described as a pig and a bit of an idiot so the character may feel sorry for him but still laugh at him. However Helen stoner is a lot more innocent and very scared, the audience just feels sorry for her and wants the villain to be caught so she is happy. The villains are also presented with animal features. The villain in the red headed league is John clay/Vincent Spaulding and in the speckled band it is Dr Roylott. Sherlock Holmes catches both villains just before or during the crime they were committing proving that Holmes is very intelligent. The Villains in both books are after money and greed is present. Vincent Spaulding/John Clay is described with hawk features and acid scars, very commonly used to represent a villain, he is also very cleaver and respects Holmes a little bit for catching him as he thought no-one could. ...read more.


He is sometime arrogant but he needs to be to solve the cases, he needs to whatever possible to catch the villain. However he does treat Watson with respect and thinks very highly of him, he always involves him in his cases "should it prove an interesting case, you would, I am sure wish to follow it" People believed Sherlock Holmes stories when they were written because they were exciting, also it was in the times of 'Jack the ripper' and the public needed someone who they could trust, as they didn't trust the police force as they didn't believed they tried everything to try and stop crime. Sherlock Holmes is still read today because the books are exciting and enjoyable, and there are easy to follow, even though you don't figure out the mystery the first time if you look back though the book the clues are all there. I enjoyed the stories because the gave me something to think about when reading a book and it involves the reader and you want to try and figure out what has happened before Sherlock Holmes figures it out< however little details may make it more enjoyable for example making Holmes more modern with the readers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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