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Shiela Character study

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G.C.S.E Course Work How does the author present the changes To Sheila in Act One of the play? The play is set in 1912 two years before the start of the First World War. The Balkans war was under way Italy and Turkey over the Turkeys African possessions,. Turkey lost and was forced to hand over Libya, Rhodes and the Dodecanese Islands to the Italians. But Turkey's troubles were not yet over. Having concluded peace with the Italians it found itself engulfed in war with no fewer than four small nations over the possession of Balkan territories: Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria - and later Montenegro. The play was set just before the launch of the Titanic, The Titanic was believed by many to be a revolutionary ship, "Unsinkable", it weighed no less than forty six thousand eight hundred tons. It was luxury everything you needed was there. It could reach New York in five days! This was the common view of the titanic. The same night as it left the temperature dropped to almost freezing, there was no moon and the sky was clear. There was little view of the path. ...read more.


When she finds out that he had been with Eva Smith all last summer when he had lied, telling her he was busy at work she thinks he is a "coward." She respects him finally when he told of how he did "love" Eva but she feels she doesn't know him as much as she had thought. Sheila and Eric have a typically brother-sister relationship; they behave rude and unfriendly to each other but in principle like each other very much. An example of this is when Eric makes the toast to Sheila and Gerald in which he says "All The best! She's got a nasty temper sometimes- but she's not bad really. Good old Sheila." Although Sheila is fully aware of Eric's drinking problem she offers her support to him. When Sheila enters the room to see the inspector for the first time it says she entered "Gaily" which is used to show her walking in happily, Gaily is used to describe her as oblivious to the situation very childlike and immature. In the same sentence she uses the word "Mummy", in modern times this word would be thought of as childish and immature, but in this context it is used to show that she was extremely posh. ...read more.


This is ironic because Gerald is also guilty. She starts to re tell the events that day and she again owns up to her faults by saying "I was very rude." Then "she almost breaks down, but just controls herself." This shows us that she had difficulty controlling her emotions but she was determined to tell the truth. Yet again she accepts her mistakes and admits she was "Jealous" of Eva's good looks. The inspector then asks her if she used the power she had for wrong to "Punish" Eva smith. Sheila Reacts instantly and admitting her fault with "Yes" then carries on to tell , "If I could help her now, I would." Showing she really regrets it and she wants to help. Eric then makes a joke out of the situation and Sheila angrily reacts with "Oh shut up, Eric." This shows just how upset and agitated she is about the whole scenario. She later goes on to say "Ill never, never do it again to anybody." This shows she has learned her lesson. She goes on to tell of how she has noticed that people sometimes give her a "sort of look" when she shops at Milwards, this shows she is sensitive about how people will react to her now and how they will treat her. ...read more.

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