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Shirley's monologe - Shirley Valentine.

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Shirley Valentine Hello Wall here I am in my old clothes as always, at the same time of day and doing the same thing, as always but today there's a little difference.... A 42-year-old married woman cooking for her lazy arsed husband who complains about working all day. That's how I've been feeling these past years of my life. I spend most of my afternoon cooking whatever he wants. And guess what! Yep you're right! Here I am in the kitchen cooking for him. The only good thing about this time of day I get to talk to you. Even though I talk to you through out the rest of the day too. Today I'm going to accomplish something, well...... hopefully! Joe is almost home and he is in for a big treat today. He's been such a good boy he deserves to eat chips and egg on Thursday instead of steak on Thursday. What surprise he's going to have he'll probably think I'm having an affair as it isn't his birthday he'll wonder why the surprise. I'm tired of having set food for each day of the week, if he wants to eat his tea he's going to eat whatever I want to cook him not what he want otherwise he can buy and cook his own tea and ill do mine. But if I know my Joe he'd rather starve than do his own tea, so this will rattle his cage. ...read more.


Hey Wall!! Do you remember when you got that coat of paint? We thought the one you had on then didn't really suit our dream house...(sighs) we had fun painting this little house of ours. I remember that day as if it was yesterday.... but now it's like he doesn't care about what we've lost. Oh come on Shirley, don't let all these thoughts get you down, Joe still loves me .......doesn't he? Come on Shirley shut up now, you know if anyone could hear your thoughts they'd think you were loop the bloody loop. Ok so Joe's narrow-minded but I guess it all depends how you're brought up. Mind you, he never showed me this inflexible side when we were going out and this inflexibility is also the imperfection he has, I try to get him curious about different things but he's never interested in anything other than his annoying habits. I don't understand him, I never travelled and I didn't exactly have a mixed group of friends and I'm not an inflexible person and I'm not narrow minded. Oh! I shouldn't be thinking of all the negative things about Joe.The problem is that they take up most of the thoughts whenever I think about the way Joe is. Whenever I think about Joe I see a steak that is over three quarters mouldy and there's that little corner that is fresh. ...read more.


At least I have a husband and a son and a daughter who are grown up, who are safe and well. But I'm disappointed at life for making me feel this way. A bit more of wine will make me see the bright side of my life's disasters. Till death do us part! Hey Wall!! Us two till the end we have each other. Oh! And o course Joe will always be complaining about his tea as usual and asking why he isn't eating steak on Thursdays anymore. Shirley Valentine I know your still in there and one day I know ill find you in me or maybe I don't find but someone else will, and that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be Joe! You know Jane won a trip Greece! Yeah, and she's invited me to go along with her. I might agree to go with Jane you know....to Greece and find a holiday romance. That's the kind of thing that Shirley Valentine would do, she was a true rebel she didn't care about anything or what anyone thought of her. What do you think Wall? Should I accept her invitation at least to get a break from this crappy life of mine! And an opportunity to find Shirley Valentine. It's worth a try and if I do find her I can come back with hope to improve my life, tell Joe how I really feel and maybe he'll understand me and try to change. ...read more.

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