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Shirley Valentine

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The play Shirley Valentine was set in the 80's. The main character is a woman named Shirley Valentine. She is a housewife that lives in Liverpool. She gets married; this marriage turns bad over the years. Shirley seeks a better life and goes to Greece. She has an affair and Joe comes over to speak to Shirley. My scene is at the end of the play. It is set by the sea, outside Costas's taverna. My extra scene is about Joe speaking to Shirley, explaining that he has changed. Shirley says something that sparks Joe off. Joe gets in a rage, Shirley is angry and storms off. Joe is left crying on the table. In my extra scenes, the themes from earlier in the play that I am focusing are, 'marriage', 'the grass is greener syndrome' and 'the way in which men communicate'. These are relevant to my scene because the whole scene is about Shirley and Joe's marriage. The theme 'marriage' and 'the way in which men communicate' are demonstrated in the play when Shirley and Joe's marriage starts off as a good marriage where they are both pleasant to each other and Joe is speaking in a admirable way. This is demonstrated in the play when Shirley has a flashback of her early marriage years, when she and Joe are decorating the house and they end up in the bath together. Joe says: "I love you . . . Shirley Valentine." (16) This shows that Joe was kind and loving towards Shirley at the beginning of their marriage. This is what Joe is trying to do in my extra scene when he uses words from his early marriage. ...read more.


I always wanted to be an air hostess - or a courier." (23) This shows that Shirley has lived up to one of her ambitions, by going to Greece. I have shown this in my extra scene because Shirley admits that Greece isn't what she expected. I have also shown Shirley speaking of her desire for travel. Shirley says: "Bein' in Greece has made me realise that although it is not what I expected, it is better than life with you. I don't need yeh Joe. I have completed my ambitions. I still love you, but it just wasn't working out was it." (133) This shows that Shirley has lived up to her ambitions. She tells Joe that she has ambitions and that he has been holding her back from completing them. The only characters from the play that appear in my scene are Shirley and Joe. I found the characters Shirley and Joe believable because the sort of marriage that they had was typical of the time the play was set. I have noticed this by some of the things mentioned in the play such as Shirley being in the kitchen all off the time. Shirley says: "What will he be like, eh Wall? My feller? What will he be like when he finds out he's only getting' chips an' egg for his tea?" (2) This shows that Joe and Shirley are very stereotypical characters because the stereotype of married men was to be the master and for the wife to obey. I think that this quote shows this because Shirley is saying that Joe will get annoyed when he finds out that he is only getting chips and eggs for his tea. ...read more.


This is because he went mad when he had no hope of getting Shirley back. I feel that I have got my script quite good because I have used a voice over: "I knew it was too good to be true." (133) This is used because Shirley is thinking this but she doesn't want to say it out aloud because she knows that it will provoke Joe into something irrational. I think that the voice-overs have been used before for this reason. I think that my storyline is a good follow on from the play because Shirley and Joe's marriage is always going to fall apart. In my scene though, Shirley confirms to Joe that it is true. "No Joe, it's over." (133) This shows Shirley telling Joe that it is over. Joe's natural aggression is shown in my extra scene when Shirley tells Joe that it was going to happen one day. Joe goes mad as usual. Shirley walking away from Joe shows that she has changed into an independent women, she doesn't need Joe anymore and cant take anymore of his anger and violence.. My stage directions aren't as good as they could have been because I decided not to put them in until the end. I did this because I thought that after the script was finished then it would be easier to put the directions in, but it wasn't. I have carried on with the accents of both the characters as shown in my script because I have left out all of the 'Gs' and 'Ds' at the end of the words that they say. I think that I have got the right tone because my scene starts off calm and then ends up with shouting an violence. COMMENTARY- SHIRLEY VALENTINE ...read more.

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