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Shirley Valentine.

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Shirley Valentine Essay Originally 'Shirley Valentine' was a sensational monologue performed by Pauline Collins. Willy Russell wrote it as a screenplay about a tedious and lone some middle-aged woman's story who is trapped in her marriage. She has the utter extravagant opportunity to escape from this miserable life of hers to go and search for the real 'Shirley Valentine'. During this journey we are shown the different stages of her life as she sees them. Russell has used devices such as flashbacks and voiceovers to make the screen play more interesting for the audience to understand. These devices play a big role in the structure of the play. This essay illuminates Shirley's transformation and how the formation of the play shows this. Russell has used a wide range of cinematic devices. This allows the audience to understand Shirley in a more better interesting and effective way. We are shown credits before the start. They overlay pictures of more domestic activities which any typical house wife would have to do. For example gardening and cleaning. We also hear a soundtrack which gives a negative feeling because of it's sympathetic mood. This gives us a clue about the film and also introduces the idea of regret. The lyrics describe some one who is not appeased and satisfied. This would make us think that the movie is about Shirley and her unsatisfied life. ...read more.


You couldn't possibly know the answer." Shirley was not given the opportunity to answer the question because of her image and impression on people. Shirley (vo) , "But I knew I had the right answer." This showed us that Shirley's expectations weren't high enough at school. The turning point for Shirley was after that school assembly because she wasn't given the chance to participate which made her really furious. Shirley (vo), "But it was only the clever ones who get to do things like that. The ones like Majorie Majors." Shirley started to pick on Majorie Majors because of her jealousy and became evil. Shirley (vo) , "I was never really interested in school after that. I became a rebel." If the play wasn't organised into flashbacks and other devices and the story was shown in the order it actually happened then we would not feel sympathy for Shirley. We may even hate her know because we wouldn't see the story from her eyes. Shirley isn't quite sure of her decision to go to Greece. The scene when Joe violently pushes his plates of chips and egg is when Shirley makes her mind to go. She shows Joe the poster of Greece to tell him that she's going. Shirley said, "It's a place . . . It's a place I'm goin' to." ...read more.


This is a physical change but she has mentally changed too. Her thoughts, ideas of living and everything has changed. She even admits it, "That's right Joe. That's exactly what it is, Joe. It's a change of life." In the last scene Joe walks past Shirley because he didn't manage to recognise her. This shows that Shirley has even changed her look. She called Joe and said, "Hello I used to be the mother, I used to be the wife but now I'm Shirley Valentine again." Joe had no choice he had to accept it because Shirley just told him that she changed. Joe remained silent until Shirley asked him to join her for a drink. Joe said, "Err, thanks." This shows that Joe is a little nervous and because he didn't say anything it shows their relationship has changed and that she's no longer 'Shirley Bradshaw'. At the beginning in a flash back we found out that young Shirley hated herself. She wanted to be like Majorie. Now Shirley is proud of her self as an individual. She has gained confidence in herself. She relied on Joe for almost everything but now she doesn't need him, which is why she didn't leave him earlier. The play has been organised using devices to show the importance of Shirley's changes and so that they are well noticed. The play has been structured in such a way to show the changes clearly. Dolly Shah 1 ...read more.

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