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Shirley Valentine Extra Scene

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Joe and Shirley are sitting by the sea sipping wine and the waves are lapping at their feet. There is an uptight atmosphere as the sun begins to set. Joe I think you should come home strait away Shirley. I feel that you are not the same woman you have your head up in the clouds. Shirley I may have my head up in the clouds Joe but I'm happy high in the sky, I'm no longer that boring woman who spent all day looking after her husband I'm Shirley Valentine again. As the sun begins to set the camera pulls up to reveal a shadowed figure walking down Mykanos bay. As the shadowed figure gets closer, we are able to see it is Costas. Shirley looks up and tries to divert Joe. Shirley Come on Joe let me show you the sites you know you and me together. We could go see the windmills up on the hill or go see the small bay on the other side of the island. Joe You're a bloody loon Shirley you aint changed one bit. ...read more.


Joe well I haven't heard one iota about you so you better begin Costas well nothing really has happened, Shirley works in my bar she needed a job that is all. She is a lovely woman and I have not ever made foak with her. Joe turns around and looks at Costas in a bemused fashion. Costas says his good byes and hurries off up the winding road. The camera then focuses on Joe and Shirley now holding hands walking to the seashore. Shirley isn't it lovely here Joe, can you now see why I have stayed can you Joe? Joe it is lovely here Shirley I must admit, but you don't belong here you belong in England with me. Shirley I can't go back now Joe I belong here this is my life now but I still want you to be part of my life, I really do. We could start a new life together you and me hey how about it. We would both be so happy. There would be no more worries no more disappointments just excitement. ...read more.


I don't know Shirley I really don't know we will talk about it tomorrow. Where are you staying? We might be able to decide after some shuteye come on! The screen fades as we see Shirley and Joe holding hands walking away we here the sea in the background. The next day Shirley and Joe get out of bed and eat breakfast on the balcony. The sun is rising and the sea is placid in the background Shirley Well... Joe I haven't decided yet Shirley it's a really big decision, perhaps we could go for a walk and think things through. Shirley OK They set off down the steep windy road to the beach. They begin to talk. Joe I do love it here even though its not quite England. Shirley I know I told you its so easy to fall in love with it here. Joe well we could give it a trial period say one or two months. But nothings got to change just because were in another place I still want me dinner cooked. However, we can cook it together. The camera pulls out to reveal Joe and Shirley kissing passionately on the sands of Mykanos bay and the ending music begins to fade in as the picture fades out The End ...read more.

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