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Shopping Mall

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´╗┐The entire mall was filled with people frantically doing their last minute New Year shopping, weaving their way through the network of brightly lit stalls. The shouting of the stall keepers, seeking to attract all the unwary customers, and the blaring of loud music added much to the festive cheer of the place. At the centre of the bustling mall was a huge statue of a smiling God of Prosperity bedecked in a glittering gown. It was carrying a huge gold ingot in his hands. ...read more.


The smells of the scents enticed customers to come and grab a whiff of the luxurious scents. Huge and luscious oranges hung invitingly from the many pots of mandarin plants, tempting customers with their promise of prosperity and good fortune. Even locally grown orchids, not usually a flower symbolic of Christmas, were scattered amongst the other varieties on display. They had bright and shocking red colours, a definite factor which prompted the stall owner to try and market them as ?Festive flowers?. Besides the stalls, there were other activities which attracted throngs of people to the mall. ...read more.


The final of the celebrations at the mall was an explosive fireworks display that caused all the shoppers to stop in their tracks and stare fixedly at the mosaic of hues in the night sky above them. Many of the children covered their ears with their hands, while staring in rapt attention at the display as the deafening explosion of the fireworks boomed and bellowed continuously. As the colours from the fireworks slowly fade away, many of the weary people started to leave the mall. One by one, the stalls became empty and dark as the happy owners called it a day. ...read more.

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