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Short Stories Essay

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Short Stories Essay The short story today is now accepted as a genre in its own right; short stories are now in an equal place along with poetry, plays and novels. Before the nineteenth century, short stories were very unpopular and seemed very poor in comparison to the novel. Despite being around for many hundreds of years, short stories only became known and more popular in the 1800s. The increase in popularity in the nineteenth century was due to changes in cultural, political and social lives. The nineteenth century was an extremely quick and dramatic change in lifestyle for the people in Northern Europe. Before the industrial revolution people usually worked themselves on the land, these were known as the 'peasants'. At that time there were some trades around the most common were blacksmiths, wheelwright and carpenters. The working conditions were terrible there wages were at minimum and they worked extremely long and difficult hours. Technological advances changed everything, the invention of the internal combustion engine made lots more work for everyone. Factories were being opened everywhere providing jobs for more and more people. The rural population found themselves moving into the cities to find work. ...read more.


The setting sets the mood for the unusual events which the signalman experienced. Throughout the story there is lots of emphasis brought to the area and how quiet and secluded area, this builds the reader up for the mysterious events about to occur. During the story the Signalman speaks of a railway worker who had the job of attending to the signals. Throughout the works he hears men shouting to him 'halloa! below there!' and trying to warn him away from something. Lots of mystery is created here. The story begins with the narrator shouting down towards the signalman 'halloa! Below there!' followed by the signalman's peculiar response. When reading the story we cannot understand why his response is so unusual. He explains his unease by expressing his sightings. After reading this, the suspicion of the Signalman is some supernatural creature, perhaps a ghost of some kind. The setting of the story, however, doubts this, because the story is set in a signal box by the railway this is unlikely and ghostly creatures are more likely to be found in castles or mysterious houses. I enjoyed reading this story; however, I found it quite difficult to understand and confusing some aspects. ...read more.


Before entering the room he was a sceptic but when he returns he is a believer of ghosts. The story throughout is just set in one place, in a large castle. I think that a castle is a good place to set the story because castles are big and often known to be quite spooky. Therefore, the story fits well because the story itself is meant to give an eerie sensation. The narrator in the story is the man who has courage to enter the room. As things happen we find out the same time as the characters. The story is told by the first person narrator. The story is set at Lorraine castle, in a red room in a haunted house. The story is written chronologically and has a clear beginning, middle and end. I thought that this story was very well written; the description throuhout was very good and caused tension and suspension in the correct places. Out of these three stories my favourite was The Signalman; it gripped my attention the most out of the three and gave a real clear description of what was happening. I thought that it was a very strange story which in some cases would be hard to follow but after taking lots of thing into prospective it becomes apparent of what's happening. ...read more.

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