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Short stories - In Which way are women presented in a variety of pre 1914 stories.

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Hannah Day 11R English coursework Short stories In Which way are women presented in a variety of pre 1914 stories Introduction In the following three stories 'The unexpected' Kate Chapin, Tony Kytes-Thomas Hardy and The sons veto- Thomas Hardy present women in different manners. Dorothea in the Unexpected seems to be maverick, she is non conformist. Milly in Tony Kytes is also a conformist. Sophy in Sons veto marries out of her class and has to put up with the consequences of her action. The Unexpected- Kate Chapin Your First impression of Dorothea is that she is truly in love and awaits the return of her beloved Randall who leaves her for a month. "Lingering hisses and sighs" They test their love by exchanging letters once a day. "Daily letters, impassioned and interminable." Whilst Randall is away he falls seriously ill, he prepares his home-coming and describes himself to be not the man he used to be in letters to Dorothea. "All the fever and pain of this detestable illness" Dorothea looks hour upon hour at Randall's portrait reminding her self of what he used to look like. This gives the impression that she is self-centred and loved Randall for his looks; also she is threatened by Randall's illness. "Devilish transformation was she undergoing in contemplating him" When Randall asked her to marry him and promised her all the riches when he died, Dorothea said no as she doesn't want to be married to a unattractive man and with the threat of his death. She doesn't want to become widow at such a young age and his offer of money did not change her mind. " Appearing whom she would be forced to face and speak to" This was because the role of single women is important because marriage is for life and if she were a widow, she would be looked down upon as a lower class. ...read more.


Hannah's farther was coming up from behind when Hannah spots him; she goes running off to him crying more than ever. Hannah's farther asks. "If you virtue is left to ee and run a risk" Hannah replying "I have spent and I do refuse him!" All out raged Hannah and Unity refuse his hand in marriage. "I do refuse him!" This shows that the women are strong enough to hold their ground even if they want Tony Kytes, they do not want to show weakness and lose honour. Milly still deeply in love doesn't refuse Tony's proposal but after asking if he meant what he said. "You didn't really mean what you said to them" Tony denying any love for the others takes her hand in marriage. Milly determined to marry him in fact marries him the next Sunday. "Their band were put up the very next day" Mr Bunton concludes the story by informing the reader. "I was not able to go to their wedding, but it was a rare party they had, by all account". Thomas Hardy has portrayed Milly as a moral young woman of their society who was determined to get her man. The sons veto- Thomas Hardy Thomas Hardy describes a mysterious woman who nobody seems to know; yet she is a curiosity to those at the charity event. Hardy creates an interest in this character by making her seem intriguing and the reader wants to find out more about her. Hardy describes the woman's beautiful hair in detail. "Braided and twisted and coiled like the rushes of a basket" He goes on describing the woman's hair and how many hours she spends creating this masterpiece when all she does is brush it out at night. "Seemed a reckless waste of successful fabrication." The only thing of beauty is the woman's hair so she takes time over it because she is an invalid and she has no accomplishment. ...read more.


marry up the ladder, but for the vicar he had married below his status by marrying his servant "Social suicide by this step" The new couple moves so there would be no gossip about their past and Sophy would be accepted into the social circle. "it was all on her account" Due to Sophy saying the wrong things people still look down on her. Despite all of the vicar's efforts to educate her. "her husband had taken much trouble with her education". # Conclusion Throughout Thomas Hardy there is much more conversation, the story takes place of period of one day whereas The unexpected has little conversation and is spread over a longer period of time. Son Veto is much more detailed and has chapters. The story takes place over a very long period of tome (14 years). The Unexpected is full tension and is an emotional love story, the title of this story is 'the unexpected' and the behaviour of Dorothea is unexpected from her in that period of time and in her society. Son's Veto describes the characters in detail, lets the reader get to know the character better and are able to relate to the emotions they are experiencing. Tony Kytes on other hand is very humorous and the reader becomes involved and is eager to know the ending. My opinion of the stories is that they are all very different but similar in the communication of Women of that period. The humour in Tony Kytes makes it an enjoyable read as there are lots twists in the story and the reader is eager to finish it and find out the end product. Whereas Sons veto is a much longer read which is serious on emotion and status in a working society. The unexpected is related to Sons veto as it deals with a woman's emotion but is concentrated on a smaller range of characters. It becomes quite personal as the reader can feel that they can relate to the character. ...read more.

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