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Short story

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A gothic horror was drew upon the conventions of medieval romance that was about nights battling with all kinds of creatures. They normally presented a spooky immersion into the dark, a horrific realm. Also they had supernatural elements, which added fiction. The tension between science and supernatural were often shown. Gothic novels were originally called gothic romance. Gothic novels were considered to have low literary quality but were very popular especially around 1764 and 1840. Gothic Novels main audiences were women. Frankenstein is considered to be a gothic horror because it includes elements of a gothic novel including wild landscape with wild weather and storms at sea, which were also unnatural acts of nature. Frankenstein also adds a bit of Romance too and includes damsels in distresses such as Elizabeth and Justine. Also like every gothic horror it includes a major part of a gothic horror a supernatural creature that was known as the monster. There is also a lot of science included in the film and during the film we hear a lot about the conflict between science and supernatural especially between Frankenstein and the Professors. ...read more.


Frankenstein's reaction to the birth of the monster tells you he isn't exactly pleased by the monsters birth. Frankenstein is disgusted and disappointed towards the monster. You can tell he is especially disappointed because he says he has worked for "two years" and has " deprived" himself of "rest and health". Then he says " know that I had finished the beauty of the dream has vanished". This tells you he has worked really hard to try and achieve his dream and it doesn't turn out as well as he expected so he is disappointed when he finds out that what he worked hard for years he sees as disgusting. He is disgusted by the monster and rejects him. The day after the monsters birth Frankenstein behaves very scared of the monster and is very weary of whether the monster is following him. He begins to avoid going near where the monster might be such as where he lives. He is basically running away from the monster. As the chapter goes on he starts to feel a bit sympathetic towards the monster, which contrasts with the fact he finds the monster disgusting. ...read more.


Also because we are more educated then people were in Georgian times. Mary shelly creates a sense of horror mainly by using things such as Language, Character, Themes and audience. She uses language when she describes the weather and describes it as wet and dreary, which sets the scene of horror and creates a mood typically of gothic horror. Also Mary shelly uses Character by making the weather echo Frankenstein's mood so that it give you the effect that when he is in a bad mood the weather is bad and when he is in a good mood the weather is good which make sit good because you get the weather to suit the events in the film. The themes is also a huge contributor to creating a sense of horror by having the themes of neglect and Man meddling with nature which can also be referred to in this day and age. The Audience reaction was very different in the Georgian time period compared to the reaction we have today because they would believe that what in happened in the novel could really happen where as we know it can not happen. Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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