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Short Story.

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English Language Coursework: Short Story. It was an exceedingly long exhausting day, as the Morgan family worked persistently all day trying to remodel their old distorted house. They lived in Purley, in a remote area where the trees towered above all houses like sky scrapers. Michael the uncooperative teenager who never wanted to be told what to do, spontaneously thought of lending a helping hand after his parents had left the room, for a long earned break. He then grabs the closest efficient tool insight, and starts ravaging away at the fireplace. Not knowing the fireplace was an imperative and valuable aspect of that room, he carries on without consulting his parents. ...read more.


"You imbecile, what do you think you're playing at!" aggressively shouted Dan, "every time I try to help out in the house, I get shouted at!" replied Michael; "do you know the value of that fireplace!" replied Dan, "well I didn't know!" said Michael in a regretting tone. The noise from the intense quarrel was as bad as a screaming multitude after a gunshot fired, for Sue screamed incessantly, "Please stop" in a teary tone, knowing violence would occur. The protracted argument had settled without violence occurring. As Dan and Sue left the house for a drive, Michael stood motionless staring at the impaired fireplace in irritation. ...read more.


Michael stood scrutinizing the big black hole, as a roaring wind rushed passed his face giving him goose bumps up his arms. Michael shouted down the hole only hearing an echo, but then quickly grabs a few pennies and dashes them down the dark hole, hoping to hear it respond soothing his anxiety. Michael's parents had returned, not to find a slightly damaged fireplace but a totally ruined fireplace. His parents stormed into the room hoping to catch him in the act but instead cause calamity, as Michael vastly got up but in the process slipped and fell down into the hole, screaming "help!" Michael's parents took two steps back as they heard Michael scream ...read more.

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