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short story

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Fred stepped out into the open corridor, his breath came short, and his eyes flickered across the walls. His hand slipped to his pocket, after a short moment of nervous fumbling, he withdrew his magnum. The chocolate on the outside was a smooth dark colour; he began to salivate, and accidentally dribbled on his ice cream. "NO!" he shouted to himself as he threw the ice cream blindly "I must not" the nurse from the next room stepped out to the corridor to find Fred sitting on the floor crying she then looked to the splattered ice cream that was now sliding down the window. "Come on Fred, it's alright" she said as she sat down next to him and put her arm round her "we'll get through this together." "NO!" he cried as he shook her arm off of him "I can do this by myself, I got myself into his mess I'll get out of it!" "It's not your fault, you were born with it and we can do this together" she looked out of the window and stared and the crumpled up magnum and thought how life was like Fred, crumpled up and confused. ...read more.


What is it?" "well basically during your sons sleep he has encountered a physical or mental memory, this memory has caused him to feel extremely depressed, we cannot treat this because it is not medical but he should be alright soon. "How long is soon?" "well hopefully he should be better in six weeks but we have had cases that have gone on for 18 months" A tear rolled down mrs moir´┐Ż's cheek she tried to hold it in but the tears came streaming down her face. "I'll leave you with him for a while" she walked out of the door but only when Kat couldn't hear the footsteps of her anymore did she get up and sit on the bed of the sleeping man he stirred. "Mum, is that you" croaked Fred "Yes it's me darling" she said brushing the hair out of his eyes "are you alright?" "I'm fine mum, just sad that's all" "Why you are sad, tell mum all about it." "Well you know when I was twelve I had that girlfriend called Ellen, We spent all our spare time with each other, every waking moment." "Ah yes I remember her, the pretty blond one" "Well while I was asleep I remembered all of what we did but ...read more.


shouted the tall nurse she ran into. "The roof" she said to her self, and then ran to the stairs that led to the roof. Up she went two stairs at a time until she crashed through the door to the roof, she stopped and lent on the door, her breath came short and ragged her lungs on fire, but there he was standing at the edge of the flat roof, the wind blew his hair away from his now gaunt face. "What are you doing up here Fred?" Kat asked as she walked up to stand next to him. "Thinking" he replied quietly while looking up to the clear blue sky. "What are you thinking about?" "Something a friend told me" he looked back to Kat and gripped her hand firmly. "What did this friend say?" she said as tears built up in her eyes. "She told me that if you can't feel, you aren't living." "What do you mean?" Worried now, she tried to pull him away from the edge, but he loosened his grip and shrugged her off and opened his hand. It was covered in blood "I can't feel it mum" tears started to stream down Fred's face "No, you must ..." "Goodbye mum" and he stepped over the edge "Goodbye son" she said with tears falling freely from her face. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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