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short story

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The weather report had said that a strong storm will hit London town this evening. Despite that secretary Jena James finished work late. She started heading to her works car park. The freezing frosty weather had covered all car windows with frost. She turned on the air heating and started waiting for the frost to melt. Jena took her long drive home, after two hours she arrived at Ghoul lane where her home is. The strong winds from the stormy weather sounded rather like corpse screams echoing from beneath their graves. As Jena entered her fully heated house she felt the hot air rush to her. Hearing a loud thump she jumped and realized it was her door that she hadn't shut properly. ...read more.


exclaimed Jena. Her neighbors were listening to her explaining the extraordinary thing that had happened. The neighbors were not sure on why someone would go in her house and not do anything to her then. They knew that the stories they used to say about the haunted mansion were coming to life but didn't tell Jena incase the curse may turn to them. Jena felt a sharp tap on her shoulder followed by a voice saying "You breaking the silence of my mansion will end today!!" She crouched in a corner and started crying. Her neighbors were worried and thought that the best thing was to leave her alone. The chilling breeze was like ice. Jena smelt burning and ran to her kitchen, it was the toast that she left in for too long, the weird noises were always there never leaving. ...read more.


Jena had disappeared for a couple of days now so her neighbors decided to call the police. As soon as the police broke through her door as no one answered they smelt the weird smell that had covered the whole house, walking through the corridor they came across Jena's dead body face down under the stairs. After Jena's death the doctors said that Jenna couldn't breathe after a panic attack that occurred after all the unexpected things that happened to her. Due to this the veins pumping blood to her brain mal-functioned causing a blood clot in her brain which was the reason of her death. But no one ever knew whether that really was the reason. ?? ?? ?? ?? Duygu Cikcik 1 English ghost story ...read more.

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