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Short story coursework

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Samantha Geller had just finished her shift at the hospital and was getting ready to leave. Her sister had told her to get to her house at 8.30 promptly and wouldn't be at all happy even if she was even five minutes late. "Sam!" A man was running after her down the corridor. It was Dave. He was one of the staff working in the emergency department. "A man has just arrived in the emergency area, he fell of a two story car park and is unconscious. Could you come and help out, we're a bit short of staff at the moment." Sam looked at her watch, it was already 8 o'clock. If she didn't go now she would never get to her sister's by half eight. "Alright but it'll have to be quick, I'm supposed to be somewhere in half an hour." Sam sighed "Aww thanks Sam." Dave said in a relieved tone, "Come on!" After Samantha had finally finished in the hospital she headed to her car quickly before anyone else could stop her. "Damn" she thought to herself, it was already 8.30. Samantha drove as fast as she could missing nearly every red light on her way. Suddenly her phone started ringing. "That probably Annie" she said to her self. "Hello" "Sam it's 8:40, where are you" Her sister asked her furiously. "I'm sorry, there was an emergency and I had to help out. Don't worry I'm not that far away." Annie sighed "Everybody's waiting for you; you know if you didn't exist none of us would be here so please hurry." ...read more.


"Look I'm sorry if you want it that much here take it." The women said to him passing him the packet. Matt was so shocked and confused he couldn't even get himself to move. He finally looked around to see that everybody was pointing and staring at him. He looked around for Samantha but couldn't her anywhere so decided to go home avoiding all the people who were staring at him. When Matt got home he saw Samantha was already there, she was sitting on the bed staring out of the window. "Sam, you saw the woman it was you wasn't it. She looked exactly like you its impossible," Matt stuttered still recovering from his shock. He hadn't had time to react properly at the time but seemed to have calmed to a lot since then. "I know, I don't get it that was me I know it. The clothes and everything, she's wearing exactly the same as me now but I'm dead and she's not," Samantha replied, she just as confused as Matt was. But had taken it in easier that him considering the fact that the woman had looked like Samantha not Matt. * * * "That's it, it all makes sense now. It was so obvious how could I not have realised," Matt exclaimed excitedly. "What is it tell me" Samantha asked her face glowing up happily. "There's no time to explain, I need your address quick!" Matt demanded impatiently Matt was rushing around getting all his things together and would say a word of his plan. ...read more.


Like Matt had told her that day at the hospital, he had been telling the truth all along and if the person in front of her hadn't stopped her she would have been dead by now. Tears came to her eyes as she thought about everything he had told her. He said he knew a ghost, her ghost. Samantha decided that she would not mention any of her incidents to anyone. As she got to her sisters drive way she looked surprisingly at it. The car that had saved her from the accident was parked in front of it and there was a man standing next to the car, a very familiar man. It was Matt. "Why did you save me," Samantha asked Matt after getting out her car. "Because I love her, she came to me for help and she made me happy," Matt replied "but she's gone now, she disappeared at the time when I saved you." Matt eyes were gleaming with sadness of his loss. "I'm her, she hasn't disappeared. She's in me," Samantha told him. She had just discovered that the man in front of her had saved her life and was not going to let him just completely walk out of her life. "I can feel all the feelings that she had for you, and...I love you," Samantha said shyly walking up to him. She held his hand tight and smiled at him. "Come inside, I'm I was meant to be here at eight thirty and now it is nine o'clock. My sister is going to kill me," they both laughed. They walked quietly in to Annie's house holding each other tight, knowing they had a great life ahead of them. ?? ?? ?? ?? English coursework - 1 - ...read more.

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