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Short story. Dear Dorothy Carter 13/7/2010 I have spent many years trying to find a way of contacting you. I hope you are my Dorothy, my Saigon Dorothy.

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´╗┐Dear Dorothy Carter 13/7/2010 I have spent many years trying to find a way of contacting you. I hope you are my Dorothy, my Saigon Dorothy. I found this address if you get this or you don?t it doesn?t matter as long as I have tried. It has been many years since that eventful weekend in Saigon. You, a young journalist who had her whole life in front of her, full of happiness and joy. Me, a young man trying to get away from his past. You made me feel like a new man, the way nothing could stop you. It has been fifty years and I can still remember every detail of that time together. I now reside in Russell a small town in New Zealand and spend my days fishing and gardening. I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren but do not see them because of what I did to their mother. I really want to know what became of you. Did you keep traveling? Did you meet a man and have a family? I have read a couple of old articles of yours from Africa but have not seen anymore, did you lose your passion for it? ...read more.


It was 1962 when your mother and I met at a bar in Saigon we spent the weekend together drinking and traveling around the country. It was the greatest weekend of my life until we got separated. I was called to duty and she had to travel north. I have never loved anyone like how I loved your mother. I wished to meet again but could not find her, she probably thought I died. Tell me about your mother, what was she like? Yours sincerely Xavier James Hendry Dear Xavier 21/8/2010 Thank you very much for your condolences. She was a great woman who strived for the best from us. She pushed us to do well in everything we did. She kept everyone organized and made sure she was friends with everyone. She was at every sporting match, school event or fundraiser to support us. I have read a few of her articles and they were quite inquisitive I do not know why she stopped, she always talked about her travels around the world meeting interesting people. We only moved a couple of times as a child but mum?s love for the ocean brought her Jarvis bay in NSW in the end. ...read more.


I would like to keep these letters going because it also makes me want to check the mail. I often do not know what to write in these letters but I need to reply because I want to learn more about my mother? Take care Liz. To Elizabeth 25/9/2010 I am very sorry but I can no longer make contact with you. I met your mother in early January of 1962 and it was the most exciting weekend until I was called up. I loved your Mother with all my heart but time and distance kept us apart. This will be my last letter to you because if what I think is true I do not want to disturb your happiness and your family. Please do not try and contact me, just leave it to how it was before we met. To Xavier Hendry 6/10/2010 Please reply! I have red hair and freckles ?. Mum as you probably remember was blond and Dad is dark and olive skinned. My brother is dark. My father who I adored and who adored my mother died many years ago. I would really like to meet you and as you can see there isn?t anyone who could be hurt from our meeting. I await your reply. ...read more.

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