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Short Story. Its dark - Derek drove in an empty road.

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Interrupted Until now, for over a century I have lived in secret - hiding in the shadows in the world. Today, I give the light a chance. Here is my story: It?s dark - Derek drove in an empty road. The trees were bashing together adding on to the nose of Adair?s CD playlist. ?How much longer do I have to listen to that nonsense? You know - it wasn?t even a band. The guy didn?t even know how to play the guitar,? Derek hollered. He looked at Adair with a smirk on his face. ?He wasn?t that bad!? Adair argued. ?He sounded like Will Young? Derek responded. Adair tried reasoning with Derek ?What?s wrong with that?? Derek looked at Adair?s face and realized she was getting defensive- it was more of a reason for Derek to carry on. ?We already have a Will Young, we don?t need another one.? Adair turned around to avoid Derek seeing her giggle. Adair began to question Derek ?So why did you come?? ?Because I love you? Derek tenderly replied. The car slowly drives into a cloudy road. The road begins to fill with fog ?What?s with all the fog?? alerted Adair. Derek squints his eyes. ...read more.


There is a reflection of Rose sitting on the bright green grass, biting her pen and thinking about what to write. ?Dear diary, today it will be different. It has to be. I will smile, and it will be believable. The smile will show that I?m fine.-that I feel much better now. I will no longer be the sad girl who lost her parents. I will start fresh. Be someone new, I will make it through? On the first day at school everything was normal. Rose gathered that her plan? acting like everything is okay, was working. ?Who?s that guy?? Rachel asked as she puffed up her hair. ?I don?t know,? replied Rose, trying not to show any interest. ?I?m sensing he is from Chicago and he plays guitar,? Rachel stated while fixating on the new student joining Country Hill High School. ?Oh God, are you really going to continue with this physic nonsense?? queried Rose. Peter walked through the hallway and entered the toilet. ?One second, Peter!? Rose ran after Peter and followed him to the toilet. ?Peter! You cannot keep doing this to yourself, look at you, you?re a mess. This has to stop now!? Rose demanded. ?You can?t stop me Rose,? responds Peter. ...read more.


Her hand recklessly struggled through her bag. She found her only weapon and with a force she pulled her deodorant out of her bag. Its shadow was still there, however its figure was nowhere to be seen. A hand grabbed her throat and another grabbed her weapon. She could hear a crusty dry voice whispering in her ear, ever so gently: ?Do not scream! ?The man said. As this man spoke, Rose got horrible chills that rapidly electrified around her body. ?A new life is the answer,? the man said. The grip around her throat became stronger and stronger with the pain of server al puncture marks bursting through. Just as she began to attempt to release herself? she collapsed. She woke up; it was completely dark with no one in sight. She turned on the light on the watch her mother gave her. It was 3:02 AM. She felt reinstalled, new, and fresh. Trying to put her experience in perspective, she attempted to get up, assuming it will be hard. An increasing noise was getting louder and louder with a rather ear-piercing noise occurring right at the back of her mind. The noise was too sharp, she couldn?t take it any longer. ?Leave me alone!? she screamed. Suddenly, she felt an exciting thirst quench - but it was not water she wanted. And that?s how it all began. ...read more.

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