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Short story - mirror of pain

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Mirror of Pain Andrea's feet alternated rapidly, conveying her farther into the gray dusk of the moors. Her lower extremities were, in consequence to the frigid ambiance of the night, stiff as she propelled herself forth, forever running away from her abusive father and stoical mother. Seeking the refuge of seclusion, she threw herself down onto the ground near a lake caked thickly with browning lily pads and fortified by a mass of gray, sickly looking trees. Her crimson cheeks were stained with salty tears brought forth by her bruised heart. She wept silently while gingerly caressing her upper arms and wrists, marked prominently by her father's drunken rage. "Oh, help me." She whispered desperately into the air. The stagnant water offered no reply, but the wind whistled consolingly. Andrea unhurriedly lifted her head to gaze upon her surroundings. It was winter in the moors, and consequently everything reproduced the eerie, depressing gray tint of the moon. The trees that encircled the small, dormant tarn were tall and listless. Growing from them were ancient branches bearing no foliage, presenting for the eye a fissure in which one can gaze through onto the deadened and dismal clouds that served as a gauze-like curtain to the stars. The young girl found the area hauntingly beautiful and decided to make it her own, claiming it as such in no words, only a loving touch of her hand to one of the roots of the mightiest tree. ...read more.


Andrea sat quiet and immobile for the better part of an hour, debating with herself whether or not she should break the connection of two lily pads to catch a glimpse into the ever-concealed water. Finally, after deciding that one look wouldn't hurt, she stretched out her small hand towards one of the lily pads and, with the twig, coerced it cautiously out of the way, breaching the union of the foliage and creating a wave throughout the entire lake. Awestruck, the child leaned forward over the water and stared in. Ironically, she saw no reflection of her own beaten and bruised face, but only that of the mighty tree behind her. She cocked her head in wonder. Suddenly and without warning the reflection in the water seemed to erupt in a blow of fire, and in the water she saw the high branches of the tree combust and become swallowed by the potent mouth of orange and red flames. Andrea gawked in dismay, her black eyes highlighted in terror, and a guise of dread layered her face. Her eyes were locked onto the image of her beloved tree and she screamed, petrified. The brilliant colours of the inferno so harshly interrupted the usual dreary gray of the world in the moors that she tried with all her vigour to shut her eyes and make the horrible image before her non-existent. As this image played out before her, she heard an outlandish noise being exerted from the great tree in the wind behind her. ...read more.


Recovering another twig from the ground, Andrea decided to find out if the same thing that took place the last time would happen subsequently. With caution and a primed position, Andrea moved the same lily pad away from its adjacent partner. The surface of the water rippled lightly and she looked intently into the gap that she had produced. Sure enough, the reflection of the old, mighty tree was the only one in attendance in the water. Andrea waited, gripping the small twig apprehensively. In the very Moment after she exposed the mirror image of the tree, she witnessed the combustion of flames, and the tree became crowned with fire. Andrea felt the extreme heat and began to sweat once more. The tree groaned wildly in the background. She was compelled into a mesmerized stare and felt an overwhelming sense of urgency growing inside of her like a fire being fed with dry wood. In an unexpected surge of bravery, the little girl reached forward and immersed the tip of her finger in the water. "Ouch!" she shrieked in pain and cast herself backwards away from the water, nursing her sweltering finger in her mouth. The water was hot. Her heart was beating rapidly as she looked fearfully between the water and the tree. What was going on? Then from behind her she heard a twig crack under the weight of someone's foot and she whipped around in alarm to confront whoever was in the hind of her. "Hello." ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Ford Archbishop Blanch CE High School ...read more.

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