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Short Story - My name is Jerome, and I am the last survivor.

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´╗┐The winds gust, the sand storm approaching. The sun beat down as I trudged through the desert. Without his hat or water bottle. My name is Jerome, and I am the last survivor. Every day I would walks to an abandoned house as the sand storm comes in. The houses are decrypted now, the intense sun has destroyed their wood structure and made them brittle, but I wouldn?t care, it?s a place to sleep. Finding meat isn?t the problem, its finding safe meat which is hard, since the nuclear blast. I had treat every day like an army drill, dropping to the floor when the wind gusts up. On good days a rat would run past. It may have given my cancer, but at least I had dinner for the night. The year was 2100, and this is my story of survival. In January when the blast went off, everyone died, except for me coming back from my mission to the mars space station .I lost communication with earth that morning, and decided to direct myself home, when I approached earth, everything was destroyed. ...read more.


I was in a deserted building, as good as dead. As the days collected in numbers, my dreams began to feel more and more like reality, and waking up felt like a dream. At night while I read, there was only the occasional scatter of rats, at which instinctually I would get up and hunt, unsuccessfully. I stopped myself on a chapter of my book, it said ??Forget the former things do not dwell on the past? I knew I must move on, to survive. The next day on February 15th 2100, I packed up everything that I thought I could use from the building. Metal, wood, blankets, pillows, even a pot and pan, and I started my long walk. All the cars were destroyed and wouldn?t start, I started to walk on foot. Judging off the suns direction and the time of day on my watch, decided to head north, to escape the heat and shrapenal of the blast.I traveled night and day straight north, though entire towns. ...read more.


I yelled at the top of my lungs ?HELLO!, I am here!? What happened felt like a bullet hitting me, another voice called back ?Hello! Is anyone there!?? I ran though the town until I found the source of this voice. It turned out to be a sick women by the name of Ellen Baker, I came to her and cared for her, she said that she was injured the blast, but wasn?t killed. She was just sitting inside her house, waiting to die. That night as I was bandaging up her leg, I looked into her eye and knew that things would be ok. Even though now it feels like a faint memory, me and my wife have not survived, but are still surviving. We must rebuild civilization, back from the beginning, if we die, humanity will be lost forever. I know deep down in my heart that humans aren?t just animals, that we have a purpose in life. It might be a simple purpose or a complex purpose, but mine is saving the world. ...read more.

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