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Short Story. Satoshi Yukiono and Serizawa Naruse are among the cheerful and bubbly people of Hokkaido.

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´╗┐Cherry Blossoms Hokkaido, Japan. A cheerful and lively city; where everything is so peaceful, alive and well. A city full of residential houses: some are three-story building; some are simple and neat-looking houses that every family would dream of. As well as, commercial buildings: tall, bright buildings that glow at night. It is also a city where you can often see starry night sky. Satoshi Yukiono and Serizawa Naruse are among the cheerful and bubbly people of Hokkaido. They have been a couple for about 2 years now. They live in a three-story apartment, simple and decent-looking building, that is near the Osaka High School and Amano General Hospital. Room 2309-B is a decent-looking room that is good for 3-4 people. It has a small, neat kitchen-like corner, where you can cook simple meals and, beside it is the small dining area. It also has 2 bedrooms; each contains its own bed, a cabinet for the clothes and a small corner where you can put your personal belongings such as: laptops, small television or compact CD player. ...read more.


When Naruse went to the said room, he only took a peek at Yukiono from the door, wondering what her current condition is. He tried to come in but, he immediately closed the door and sat on the chair in front of the room, his hands on his face. He thought, ?Oh, Lord! Please. I wish she?s okay, alive and well.? The doctor came and asked, ?Are you Naruse Serizawa?? ?Yes,? replied Naruse and he looked up to the doctor, ?What do you want? Is Yukiono alright?? ?Well, we all think she is. But after some tests, we doctors found out that she caught Malaria disease.? ?Is there any cure for that?? ?I don?t think so, mister. But I assure you, we would find all the possible ways to prolong her life.? ?I?? ?Don?t lose hope, Mr. Serizawa.? Naruse looked at the doctor hard, eye to eye and then, finally put his palms on his face and sob. After hearing the said news, Naruse wiped his tears, braced himself and went into the room of Yukiono. ...read more.


?Hey! Yukiono. I?ve bought something for you.? greeted Naruse. ?Oh, hello Naruse! What is it?? ?It?s a CD, collection of different beautiful music. I really hope you liked it.? ?Why, thank you. How thoughtful of you.? replied Yukiono, and smiled. ?Can you play the CD for me?? ?Of course!? And Naruse played the CD. While the CD is playing, Yukiono suddenly called Naruse. ?Naruse, what if I?m dying?? ?What are you talking about? Nonsense.? replied Naruse. ?I just want to be happy and be with you, forever.? ?We?re going to be together, forever.? ?But what if I die? What will you do?? ?You?re not going to die, okay? Stop thinking like that.? ?Sigh. I can just let my life be like a cherry blossom. So strong and beautiful. If spring will come to an end, I?ll end my life too.? ?Yukiono! Stop it. It?s not funny.? ?But, I am serious. Cherry blossoms have been part of my life since I was a child. It keeps me strong.? ?Yukiono?? And then, Naruse couldn?t hold his tears and he sobbed. His palms are covering his face. And Yukiono just stayed on the bed, managing to smile while looking at the cherry blossoms outside the building. ...read more.

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