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Short Story: The Desert

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The Desert "Alex! .....Alex! Where are you?" roared Mike running around the desert. He heard loud footsteps coming towards him, they were getting closer... closer but before he could turn around and get a glimpse of the person, he found his legs running again! He ran rapidly. In spite of his efforts, the stranger got hold of Mike. "Leave me alone, please, I didn't do anything" yelled Mike, who was breathless. Finally, the stranger spoke "It's me Alex, get a grip on yourself. Why were you running like a wild cheetah?" With grief, Mike spoke "Oh Alex.....I thought it was..." Before he could finish, they hugged each other. ...read more.


From a far distance, the twin-like brothers spotted a massive tree filled with dead leaves. Finally, they got some rest. As they sat down, a bunch of starving vultures were hovering around the sky. Mike was wearing a thick pair of glasses, a tucked shirt, with a tomato red tie and casual pants. Whilst, Alex wore a sports top, low-waist jeans and shoes which were untied. It seems as if they come from two different worlds; however, they were brothers and did have similarities. The two ill-fated brothers were stuck in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The sun had started to set. It was getting dark, and Mike started to panic. ...read more.


Mike turned to Alex and said "What are they frightened of? What can keep them away?" "Fire" said Alex, "we must light a fire now, it's our only chance." Alex had been a boy scout and he suddenly felt thankful for all those cold and damp camping trips, his parents had made him take. Without wasting a single second, Alex told Mike how to make a fire and both brothers gathered the materials together. The flint they found would not light, but all of a sudden a spark ignited and the embers of a fire began to flicker. The dry wood started to burn rigorously and scared the hungry creatures away. It was only then that Mike saw the stranger approaching through the campfire smoke. 1 ...read more.

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