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Short story- 'The Eskimo Girl'

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Short story- 'The Eskimo Girl' Living in the Arctic wasn't easy. There were always problems, but this was different. Sophie had never been in such a desperate situation... She walked and looked around her. Sophie had lived in this part of the North Pole with her Inuit tribe for thirteen years. The Eskimos knew the land well. Sophie often explored the vast lakes and ancient mountains and had never got lost; but this time was different. She hadn't meant to walk far, but then she hadn't anticipated a snowstorm either. She knew she must be miles away from her tribe's camp. It was her mum's fault really; if her mum had let her go out in the first place she wouldn't have stormed off, she wouldn't have had an argument with her and she certainly wouldn't have told her she hated her. Sophie sat down slowly on a snowy log, shut her eyes and tried to think of what to do next. ...read more.


She thought of her best friend- she didn't see him very often as he lived in the developed town a few miles away. Tom was richer than Sophie and her tribe and he owned things that Sophie could only dream about. He had been given a brand new snow mobile that Christmas and Sophie thought of the day he had come and taken her for a ride on it and how she had loved every minute. She could feel it now, the hard rain hitting against them and the rushing of the air while she held on tight to Tom's waist. She finally drifted into a troubled sleep. Some time later, a noise made Sophie stir. A long way in the distance she heard a faint sound of a snow-mobile. The young Eskimo girl tried desperately to sit up. However, her muscles had been defeated by the cold and she couldn't move. ...read more.


Sophie did just that. In no time at all Sophie saw the light and saw the friendly face she knew so well to be Tom's. As she breathed the fresh, bitterly cold air in, Sophie knew she was lucky to be alive. Tom drove her back to her camp where her mother was waiting outside. Sophie apologized to her mum continually, but her mum didn't really mind; as long as Sophie was okay, that's all that mattered. Sophie was very cold and went to bed straight away when she got home. As Tom got on his snow-mobile to go back home she waved to him out of the window and he waved back. Sophie was very grateful to have a friend like him and hoped they would be friends forever. She knew she had learnt her lesson and Tom wouldn't always be there to save her. That night, she dreamt of Tom and all the good things they had ever done together. Meanwhile, high above the Eskimo Girl, the comforting glow of the Aurora Borealis pierced through the darkness of the Arctic skies. ...read more.

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