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Short Story - The Mailbox

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The Mailbox [Outside, the light morning breeze eased its way through the barely shut window, leaves rustled under its wake piercing the clear air with a silent howl. A minute refraction of light showered the sealed curtains creating an array of shadows frolicking wildly around the room. The serenity was put to an abrupt stop by the shifting movements from the occupied bed. She slowly rotated her face to face the ceiling, two hands behind her head, deep in reminiscence. 'Hey...' the voice cut through the air, obviously directed at the figure beside her, 'do you still remember what happened 10 years ago?'] It was the 23rd July, year 2002. Hastily, a singularity in a crowd of hundred looked defiantly at his watch seeming in a hurry. His hair was messy, crooked yet he cared not. His clothes shaggy, unfashionable yet he cared not. He only had his eyes on one thing as he slowly inched his way through the traffic, gazing at the train station looming ahead. His name is Tetsuya Kaito, a 15 year old minor sent to school in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, miles away from his hometown. ['Haha' croaked the voice beside her, 'I remember alright, I remember everything now, I've told you already!'. ...read more.


he questioned readily prepared to do it. 'Wait!' she beckoned 'Stay a little longer...'.] The crunching sound of his footsteps disturbed the peace of the night as he carefully made his way up to a very traditional and oriental Japanese abode complete with an intricately designed front garden. The pebbles were lined up in perfection, water dripped steadily from the tiny stream and the grass wavered against the wind. Before he could reach the door knob, it was swung open and a female figure pounced on him with arms wide open smiling in delight, 'Ouch' squealed the twigs and pebbles as they tumbled onto the front lawn. Eyes met for what seemed like ages before he finally managed to gasp out some words. The girl's expression changed suddenly into a confused, puzzled state. An elderly woman trudged her way from the front door and greeted Tetsuya politely beckoning him inside to take a much needed rest. He wasn't sleepy, as he lay down on the soft futon he could not help but be troubled by the girl. He was deep in ponder when a sudden, yet quiet knock was brought upon the door. 'Are you asleep?' ...read more.


Kaito was satisfied as he made his way back. ["It was quite a long wait" she complained, "you know you shouldn't keep a lady waiting" she said returning a witty remark.] The jangling of keys bounced off the metallic sheen of the lock. Tetsuya prepared himself for what was going to happen as he turned the lock. The chain came loose and dropped dead on the ground, the creaking of the mailbox's door was followed by a rustling flood of letters. Tetsuya was amazed, all the letters accumulated from his childhood and from the time he left had been in here. One letter in a rough wrapping stood out from the rest. He carefully picked it up trembling with excitement and also relief. It read: "23rd July 1997, Bye Mizu! I'll miss you. I promise when I come back lets get married okay?" ["It was quite sudden for me" he exclaimed, "I never expected myself to write something that serious". "But fortunately my memories gradually returned after reading those letters and told me once again how precious you are, beautiful" Tetsuya exclaimed. "Well, let me go and make that breakfast for you, just wait right here sweetie". The door closed behind him. Mizu slowly outstretched her arm to the bedside cabinet and dusted off a letter which read... "24th July 2002, Sorry for the wait." By Jason Zheng ...read more.

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