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Short Story - The Mood envelops every person but the strange thing is no one seems to realise it.

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The Mood The Mood envelops every person but the strange thing is no one seems to realise it. We rise in the morning, see the nest of untameable bed hair, yawn because it's always too early to be awake, and start the day. Then, while listening to what people think is music over the din of morning news, and boiling water, it hits. The Mood. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, we've all been there. The food tastes like what comes out of a school cafeteria. There seems to be nothing to wear in the wardrobe of clothes that you spent equivalent to an emperor's ransom money on. The dog just chewed through your best pair of shoes after depositing a fresh, fragrant gift as a surprise present. ...read more.


What in the world? Is he on auto pilot? Let's not forget your favourite soccer mum shuffling her children, her neighbour's children and some vagrant who snuck into her prerequisite minivan. She's not paying attention either, singing and wobbling along with the radio while Junior and his buddies fling a ball that flies out of the open window and crashes into your windshield. What are they doing? Why is the window down? It's bloody winter for goodness sake. All you can see is the shine of the steel melting into the greys of the city. Haggard steps leading to tired looking buildings that paraded unclean pavements, the smell of salt air infused with greasy takeout and instant coffee, the pot-holed tarmac, impatient hooting of old tilted taxis, stranded passengers and pedestrians merging together to create an oscillating concerto of confusion. ...read more.


I'll fix your drink up with some arsenic. Would you like it straight up or on the rocks?" The rest of the day progressed in the same manner. Everyone it seemed was ticked off at the world and me in particular because I was foolish enough to take their calls. An hour and several handfuls of hair later, I headed into the peak of the storm. I wish I was talking about the weather. A heavy thundershower turning the lifeless buildings into zinc as great trampling hissing sheets of rain advanced slowly across them, sounded alright in retrospect. I was fed up with the day, with the job, with the people around me and the world in general. It took time and a great deal of personal restraint to make it to the main road. And let me tell you, dear reader, there isn't enough chocolate ice cream in all of Sydney to make a day like this go away. Or cure The Mood once it sets in. ...read more.

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