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Short Story - The rain was teeming down from the overflowing gutters outside.

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Short Story The rain was teeming down from the overflowing gutters outside. A flash of lightening illuminated the dark, dank room, which I had been forced to call home. Bare, apart from a decrepit mattress in one corner and an ancient chair, ridden with woodworm in the other. The electricity had long since been cut off and the rotting windows kept out little wind or rain. I used to love the rain. We'd go out for a walk in the park and splash in all of the puddles. When we got home we would be drenched from head to toe, but mum would just roll her eyes, find out some warm, clean, dry clothes and make us a steaming mug of hot chocolate. We'd sit in front of the roaring fire and watch the rain continue to pour outside. Warm, safe and loved. I awoke to the heavy footsteps on the stairs. I closed my eyes and prayed that he'd walk by and not come in. To my dismay the footsteps stopped and there was a loud thud on the door. I held my breath and tried not to make a noise. ...read more.


If I wasn't careful, next week I'd be joining them. I arrived back damp, disheartened and depressed. No one wanted to employ a sixteen year old living in a bedsit, why would they? I didn't blame them. There's only one person I blame. The rain continued to pour outside. Through the thin walls I could hear the girls in the rooms up the corridor earning their rent. I knew that that was what he would have me doing if I didn't pay up. There was no way I was doing that. My stomach rumbled, complaining at the lack of food. Hard luck, it doesn't look like its going to get any in the foreseeable future. The rain carried on pouring outside. The night my dad died it was raining. We all sat in the hospital' relatives' room waiting for the news. He'd been in car crash on his way home from work. The firemen had to cut him free from the wreckage and he was airlifted to hospital. Mum was called out to talk to the doctor. I was left to look after Sam, she was too young to understand what was happening but she could sense that we were upset so she was being very grisly. ...read more.


"Claire" she said, "You two girls are the most important things in my life. No one will be able to separate me from you again". She stood up and went into the kitchen, she came back with something rectangular in her hand. "What's that mum?" I asked She placed it on the mantelpiece and a tear slipped from her eye. It was the picture of dad that used to be kept there. "It's to complete the family," she said. "He will always be a part of this family, no matter what." Later that night we were watching the news. I was curled up on the sofa with my head on mum's lap and Sam had gone to bed. I wasn't really paying attention until I heard the newsreader say the name Steve Oldham. I sat up with a start. "Are you alright?" asked mum, "What's wrong?" I sat and watched the news intently. "That's him. That's the owner of the bedsit I was living in. He was the evilest..." I stopped mid-sentence. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The newsreader was saying that after a raid on the bedsit he owned he had been arrested for pimping and drug dealing. "I think you had a lucky escape there," said mum. That night I fell asleep in my old bed. Warm, safe, loved. Again. ...read more.

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