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Short Story "This cant be right, they can't just kick me out of my house and shop" Jeff exclaimed to the large man

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Short Story "This cant be right, they can't just kick me out of my house and shop" Jeff exclaimed to the large man, Jeff had never seen before, standing in front of him. "It's what the letter says, I'm just the messenger," the man named Dave replied with a shrug "But this is my whole life and livelihood, they can't just ask me to give it up!" Jeff cried, desperation creeping into his voice "They can, and they have." Peter was walking home from work. He had had a tiring day and was looking forward to putting his feet up. Life was going well; he just needed to make one last stop at the fish and chip shop. He entered the vinegar drenched shop and pushed past the queue of customers, ending up behind Jeff and another man. A few minutes later a gun shot rang out. ~ "I am sorry. Your wife has not responded to the treatment we have given her. We have no more options left." ...read more.


Peter looked at Jeff, anger clearly visible. As Jeff slowly walked towards him he hung his head, knowing what was to come. "Where's my money?" Peer roared staring straight at Jeff. "I don't have it, I just need more time." Jeff replied so quietly, Peter almost couldn't here. Jeff knew this wasn't true, he would need a lot more than just time to earn that sort of money. "You said that last time" shouted Peter, now only two inches away from Jeff. Peter was a tall largely built man. Well over six feet, he seemed to tower over Jeff. Peter now swung is right arm back and threw his clenched fist at Jeff's head. Jeff flew against the wall and fell to the floor. Standing over him, Peter gestured to the hand he had concealed in his left hand pocket. "Next time, you won't be so lucky!" He then turned and strode away leaving Jeff lying on the floor, blood pouring from a slit above his eye. Jeff lay outside in the rain for hours. ...read more.


This had come at the wrong time. It was a disaster. ~ Everyone was screaming. Peter turned to face a boy holding a gun towards him as he fell to the floor. Then he felt the pain. Jeff couldn't believe what he had just seen Felix do. He just stood watching Peter lie bleeding on the floor, while still holding the eviction notice. "I thought you were our friend "Felix whimpered, tears rolling down his cheeks. "You said you'd always be there for us, but you're not..." Felix paused "... otherwise you wouldn't be trying to take away the last thing that I have left, my Dad" Felix dropped the gun and run over and clung to his father. Jeff felt a small smile creep across his face; he had lost everything but he knew now he had lost his so again. The customers, still standing a few meters away from them were still screaming, some had mobile phones and were calling 999. The messenger named Dave glance at Jeff looking non-plus, and then switched his glaze to Felix and Jeff understood that everything was not ok. In fact now, they were in more trouble than they were before, but at least now they were together. ...read more.

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