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Should abortions be illegal?-Argument

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English argument assessment Should abortions be illegal? Abortion is the most common and efficient way of getting out of an unwanted pregnancy but is one of the most controversial topics argued today. The fact of killing a foetus after it has begun to form in to a baby has never gone down well with people. Last year over half a million abortions took place in England and over 5 million in America alone. I agree with abortions, and also think the mother usually knows best, but they are some very many people who think otherwise. One of the biggest and firstly obvious reasons against abortions is that you're killing the baby, metaphorically becoming a murderer. You're not giving the child a choice, which it apparently deserves, and is a direct defiance of a commonly accepted idea of human life. This is obviously wrong because abortions are commonly taken place before the formation of a baby. Firstly and abortion would happen before it has a gender or a heartbeat in its first trimester, therefore you just "killing" a foetus which is mealy just a bundle of chromosomes and embryos. Secondly, we all seem to miss the fact that someone has to and will take care of the child that eventually would be born. ...read more.


An abortion is an effective way of getting out of situations like this that could not only be dangerous for the mother and the child. Cases like this are very common still and if your one of the people who are with the "killing the baby" excuse, would you rather loose one life or both? Some cases in unwanted pregnancies, it not at all about the child itself it may be about how it can to be conceives. One night stands pregnancies. What's not having a child when you don't know where, or who the other half is? Fathers as not nearly as important as mothers but they do cause some effect of a child. Rape. A child could be the living presence of their ordeal. Rape is a horrific thing to go through and to be constantly reminded of how they were conceived would take some grinding out of women. Briton helps in both cases, getting rid of the baby weeks after being raped could get rid of all physical signs possible, it could with help psychologically getting rid of he ordeal altogether; also without another half helping you look after what's both yours, you would be given a second chance to make things right next time. ...read more.


Religion says lots of stuff but I does not state how to overcome all these issues and problems that come after a child is born unnecessarily into a home. You may learn to love the child, as many religion says u must do but what if you can not, what if like in situations like pregnancy after rape even after forgetting about the violent act, It is just mentally impossible. For a starters we don't really know who the person is After all it really comes down the child and mother, if there not possibly happy then no one is. Studies do show that like any other difficult situations, abortion creates stress. Yet British psychological association found that stress was greatest prior to an abortion, and that there is no evidence of post-abortion syndrome. So after the abortion you would eventually get-over it and move on. No abortions should not be illegal. I agree with abortions but disagree completely to it being used as a type of contraception. The ability of a woman to have control of her body is critical to civil right, take away her reproductive choice and there's nothing worth living for. Everyone deserves a second chance to get thing better second times round. ...read more.

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