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Should animals be used for scientific research?

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Should the animals be used for scientific research? Due to the inexorable advancement in the medical field, the world is becoming more and more dependent on animal testing to ensure that the new medicines which are being produced on a daily basis are of benefit to humans and do not possess any negative side effects. In my opinion, animal testing has a vital role in facilitating the advancement of medicine, and therefore is essential for us humans. Despite the notorious publicity that animal testing possess, I think that its advantages overweight its disadvantages. ...read more.


I do agree that the remaining 7% of animal tests should include depressants to prevent animals from suffering, however, this is no reason to stop animal testing. Also, the majority of the human population eats meat products in a daily basis day, yet no one argues that this is "cruel". If animal testing was not used, there would be no other accurate alternative except for human testing. And, I think that it is an undeniable fact that a human life is by far more valuable than that of an animal. There are a few modern alternatives that had evolved recently to substitute animal testing, most of which depend of computers and other types of modern day technology. ...read more.


Plant tests are also inaccurate as the anatomical structure of plants are very different from that of humans, so plants can have different reactions to certain substances than humans, causing them to be inaccurate. In my opinion, we still have a long way to reach the level of advancement to enable us to reach accurate alternatives for animal testing. Meanwhile, animal testing will be the main method of testing chemicals for the benefit of humans. I believe that those who oppose this argument should look at the priorities we have as human beings and concur that our wellbeing is considerably superior to that of animals of whatever species, and that, although animal testing is, to an extent, unethical, it is much better than human testing. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

A good case is made here for the use of animals for drug testing. However the essay is rather short for a GCSE submission. More use of the "some critics say" strategy of paragraph 3 could be employed and there could be some actual case histories. Also, more could be said about how the animals are treated generally.

There is a sprinkling of grammar mistakes, particularly verb agreements.

3 stars

Marked by teacher Jeff Taylor 20/05/2013

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